No Vacancies & Patient Stacking

Last night I referenced the man in the United Kingdom who was lucky enough to have his appendix removed twice. Tonight, I’m going to show you another shining example of universal health care.

When health care costs get too high, how will the government compensate for those costs? In other words, they have to fund it (raise taxes) or cut it (ration care). You think that doesn’t happen? Sure it doesn’t.

Thousands of women are having to give birth outside maternity wards because of a lack of midwives and hospital beds.

Health chiefs admit a lack of maternity beds is partly to blame for the crisis, with hundreds of women in labour being turned away from hospitals because they are full.

Latest figures show that over the past two years there were at least:

* 63 births in ambulances and 608 in transit to hospitals;
* 117 births in A&E departments, four in minor injury units and two in medical assessment areas;
* 115 births on other hospital wards and 36 in other unspecified areas including corridors;
* 399 in parts of maternity units other than labour beds, including postnatal and antenatal wards and reception areas.

Additionally, overstretched maternity units shut their doors to any more women in labour on 553 occasions last year.

Can you imagine giving birth in a public restroom or in your family van simply because the hospital turned you away because there weren’t enough beds? I wonder why they didn’t have enough beds?

‘While some will be unavoidable emergencies, it is extremely distressing for them and their families to be denied a labour bed because their maternity unit is full.

‘It shows the incredible waste that has taken place that mothers are getting this sort of sub-standard treatment despite Gordon Brown’s tripling of spending on the NHS.

‘Labour have let down mothers by cutting the number of maternity beds and by shutting down maternity units.’

Did you catch that? They tripled spending on health care with their National Health Service, but shut down maternity units and got rid of beds. That’s government forced health care at it’s finest people.

You think that’s bad? Have you heard of ‘patient stacking’? Check out this video from Glenn Beck back when he appeared on CNN.

Again, I have to ask. Is this the kind of health care we really want to see here in this country?

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

One Appendix, Two Appendix, Three…

I’ve had a lot of thoughts swirling through my head today. After completing my analysis of “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” I was a bit wiped.

I’ve received a few emails from readers with links to specific videos and other examples of how truly bad this bill will be for our country.

If you want your head to spin, take a look at the U.S. Debt Clock. If you suffer from vertigo or your eyes cannot handle numerous numbers spinning wildly all on one screen, you might not want to.

Over the course of the past two weeks I have heard numerous pundits explain that the health care bill will usher in the same level of care seen in the United Kingdom. Oh really?

Mark Wattson, from Swindon, Wilts, had two appendectomies in a month after doctors failed to remove the appendix at the first attempt.

Mr Wattson, 35, had his first appendectomy on Tuesday, July 7, after being told that his appendix was the cause of abdominal pain he had suffered for several months.

Yet a month later, Mr Wattson was taken to hospital after collapsing in Swindon town centre.

He was told by doctors at Great Western Hospital – where his original operation had taken place – that his appendix had burst and that he needed an emergency appendectomy.

Their level of health care is so high that surgeons didn’t remove his appendix the first time, and we want that here?

He did received a response from the hospital too.

Paul Gearing, the deputy general manager for surgery at Great Western Hospital, confirmed that an investigation into Mr Wattson’s claims was under way.

He said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases. However, we would like to apologise if Mr Wattson felt dissatisfied with the care he received at GWH.

We’re sorry if you are “dissatisfied” with the care you received. We didn’t mean to cause you such stress or pain, we just didn’t know your appendix from all the other vital organs in your abdomen.

I know our health care system is not the greatest, in fact, I have been a victim of physicians that didn’t know drug interactions, but is this the kind of health care we want to see on a wide scale here in this country? I don’t think so.