One Day Later…

To say I am shocked is an understatement. Last night was the wildest election I have followed since I started voting. I am absolutely stunned. Some good, mostly bad, but completely and absolutely stunned. I just don’t understand what was going through the voters’ heads.

The mission of our local TEA Party organization was to educate the voters, and it’s clear the local TEA parties had absolutely no effect on the outcome of this election. While I think they had a profound effect on the message during the campaign, they had no effect on the voters decision when choosing candidates.

A few candidates won on name recognition alone, and others who busted their ass, won 98% of the straw polls statewide, and gave it everything they had, ended up being kicked to the curb prematurely.

It’s clear that the Republican voters of Georgia did not pick the best candidate to run against Roy Barnes in November. Sure, we still have a run-off on August 10th, but neither Karen Handel nor Nathan Deal are the best candidate for the job. Both of them are better alternatives than Roy Barnes, but they don’t hold a candle to others where liberty and fiscal conservatism are concerned.

With the governors race we have a surrogate showdown between Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Gingrich has endorsed Deal and Palin has endorsed Handel. This makes the perfect “career politician” surrogate showdown, with actual career politicians in the candidate as well as endorsing positions.

Doesn’t this make you feel like their way of telling you to “assume the position”?

With the availability of information on the internet, there is no excuse for not researching the best candidate. People have really proven how lazy they are, because voter turn out was extremely low too.

Ten percent of the people have determined the course of the general election for the remainder of the population. I would have thought that conservatives (and independents) across the state would have stepped up to make their voices heard last night, and all we got was the sound of the dedicated few who support incumbents and career politicians.

Republicans in Georgia had a chance to prove they had evolved into a better political party with a mindset on liberty, smaller government, and a return to the values of our founding fathers, but instead they handed the primary election over to the career politicians who got us in this mess in the first place.

Disgusted doesn’t even begin to explain what I am feeling.

Conservatives in general have evolved, but those who just call themselves conservatives are still taking the easy road by listening to one particular talking head at a time and ignoring the issues that matter most.

Yeah, to say I am disgusted is definitely an understatement. 😉

Three Thursday Thoughts

Thought #1

President Obama has blamed former President George Bush for just about everything that has happened since he took the oath of office in January of 2009, but he can’t pass the buck on this one.

Section 311 of The Clean Water Act makes the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the responsibility of the President, and his responsibility alone. If you haven’t paying attention, Barack Obama is our current president, not George W. Bush.

Section 311 grants the president broad powers but it also lays all of the responsibility to stop the oil leak on his lap as well. According to Section 311, he also shoulders the responsibility to direct all of the cleanup efforts.

Make sure you read that section to fully understand that this is now his responsibility, and any blame for not getting the job done falls on his lap as well.

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 takes it a step further and mandates that President Obama must take action to ensure “effective and immediate removal of a discharge, and mitigation or prevention of a substantial threat of a discharge, of oil or a hazardous substance.”

The rig exploded on April 20, 2010 and has been leaking oil ever since. 38 million gallons of oil and 52 days later the President has done nothing to stop the leak, or ensure the effective and immediate removal of the oil.

The buck stops with you Mr. Obama.

Thought #2

Helen Thomas outted herself as an anti-semitic bigot,


and Rosie O’Donnell is a moron (and an anti-semite) for agreeing with Helen Thomas.


I wonder if Helen Thomas, or Rosie O’Donnell have any idea that Jews have been living in their homeland much longer than Helen Thomas and Rosie O’Donnell have been alive, combined (and that’s saying something)?

I think it’s time to send all of the morons back where they came from, although their mothers sure wouldn’t appreciate it.

Thought #3

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue disappointed me this week when he had the chance to prove he could make truly conservative decisions, but didn’t.

Gov. Sonny Perdue signed one gun bill conservatives supported but vetoed another, and the list of 26 other vetoes released Tuesday included many that torpedoed conservative rallying points.

Perdue rejected House Bill 1023, the so-called JOBS Act championed by conservatives as a way to stimulate the economy with targeted tax breaks for employers. Perdue’s veto message said he favors instead a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code by a commission he’ll chair this summer.

As expected, he shot down Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 148, which would have instituted zero-based budgeting and slated state agencies for possible abolishing every four years.

He showed his true colors by vetoing zero-based budgeting, but the icing on the cake is the fact he vetoed the JOBS Act in favor of a “comprehensive rewrite of the tax code by a commission he’ll chair this summer”.

I bet the unemployed people of Georgia appreciate the fact he’s waiting until later this summer to do anything. What happens when that comprehensive rewrite of the tax code fails to pass the state legislature?

Yeah, got it. The people of Georgia will be subjected to yet another hot summer with nothing byt blowhards making empty promises while they stand in long unemployment lines. Thanks for nothing, Sonny.