Enough Already, It’s Time To Listen!

As you know, President Obama spoke to the American people on Wednesday. He spoke about health care. Again. During his speech he spoke about some changes in the current health care bill. You remember the current health care bill don’t you? Yeah, that’s right, it’s the one that 2/3 of the American people don’t want!

I think this was speech number 500 or something. Do I really need to see the President of the United States every day on my television? Do I need to hear his voice every day on the radio? If Barack Obama was as smart as he wants us all to think he is, he would shut up already, and he would do it now.

Let’s look at some of the things he had to say, shall we?

  1. He said, “The bottom line is: our proposal is paid for.”

    Don’t be so sure about that. The CBO (the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office) has said that it lacks sufficient details to evaluate the President’s plan. There’s no way for him to honestly claim that this “new” proposal is paid for.

  2. He said, “Now, it’s true that all of this will cost money – about $100 billion per year.”

    Over the course of 10 years, that $100 billion per year will add up to $1 trillion in costs. Costs he just claimed were “paid for”. If that cost is paid for, that means your taxes are going up and you haven’t even started paying for the new health care you’re going to be receiving yet!

  3. He said, “Finally, my proposal would bring down the cost of health care…”

    Wait. How can you bring down the cost of health care, when you’re paying $1 trillion for it before you even know what the actual costs are going be? Remember, he said it would cost $100 billion per year and the CBO hasn’t been able to verify anything about the proposal!

    Many non-partisan experts, within the CBO and the Obama Administration itself have said the Senate bill will raise premium costs for families on the individual market by an average $2,100 and raise national health spending overall. So which part of those facts show his proposal “brings down the cost of health care”?

  4. He said, “I don’t believe we should give government bureaucrats … more control over health care in America.”

    His “new” proposal creates more than 160 new boards, commissions and programs. Billions and billions (probably $100 billion) in wasteful government bureaucracy firmly planted between you and available health care.

It’s no secret that I disapprove of President Obama, but just once I would like to believe something, anything, that comes out of his mouth once he starts to make a statement. Heck, even when he starts with the words “Good Afternoon”, it usually isn’t. Have you seen the economy lately?

If his speech was meant to “rally the American people” he needs to fire his speech writers and spokespeople, immediately. All he has done is rehash all of the same aspects of a health care bill that the American people have already said they don’t want. During the presidential campaign, he made a comment about “lipstick on a pig”. If this isn’t the biggest pig to be painting lipstick on, I don’t know what is.

In addition to the cosmetic surgery he performed on the horrible health care bill, President Obama has made it clear he intends to have it pushed through Congress using reconciliation which requires a simple majority in both the House and the Senate.

By doing so, every member of the Senate and every member of the House up for re-election, who vote to pass the bill this way, will face intense scrutiny from the voters in November. My bet is less than 25 percent of them will keep their jobs. That is, if the bill ever makes it way back to the House floor at all. Steny Hoyer says they don’t even have a bill yet.

Democratic leaders are contending with a host of undecided lawmakers who want to see the fine print before making a decision. Hoyer said final language and a cost estimate should come back from the Congressional Budget Office by the end of next week.

“At this point in time we don’t have a bill,” Hoyer said. “It’s a little difficult to count votes if you don’t have a bill.”

Once again, our Congressional leaders are pimping a bill no one has seen yet. It hasn’t even been written, yet the President has spoken to the American people encouraging them to support whatever it is that they may write in the future.

The President wants Congress to act before he leaves on his trip to Asia on March 18th. Both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer say it’s “doable”. I don’t think so, neither does Howard Dean.

Passing the healthcare proposals before Congress will “hang out to dry” every Democratic incumbent running for reelection this fall, Howard Dean said Thursday.

Dean, a physician by training who’s a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), said that Democrats in Congress — and President Barack Obama — would do themselves more harm than good by passing the current healthcare bill.

How long can the Democrats ignore the will of the American people even when their own party members begin speaking out against the bill? It won’t be much longer, I can guarantee you that.

It’s time to start over. Toss out the current bill, sit down at the table to discuss the real issues, and put together a real health care proposal that makes sense.

If the Democrats don’t see this is the best way to move forward on health care, it’s time to vote them all out of office.

It’s time to get leaders in those seats who know how to listen to the American people.

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Another Day, Another Snow Job

Yesterday some weather forecasters said we’d get snow while others said we wouldn’t. Of those calling for snow, one was correct. We got exactly as much as he said we would, and that’s why I pay attention to Glen Burns at WSB-TV. After 13 years of watching (and listening to) him, he’s right more often than anyone else.


I took the video fairly early in the day. We ended up with about 3 inches total here at our house, but at one point it was melting as quick as it was falling.

It was pretty to watch, but it was a heavy, wet snow and the kids didn’t find much interest in it. Amazing really, because we rarely get snow, so you would think they would want to be out there all day.

With all the snow falling outside, I couldn’t help but wonder if hell had frozen over. After reading the news today, I’m still not sure.

House Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel was on the verge of losing his gavel Tuesday night as a trickle of Democratic defections turned into a flood.

It wasn’t clear how Rangel would go – voluntarily, by force, temporarily or permanently – but the tide had clearly turned against him by the time he walked into a closed-door meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff Tuesday night.

“The dam broke today,” said a senior Democratic aide.

Charlie Rangel has been in the House of Representatives for 39 years. House members are elected every two years. That’s one election and 17 re-elections so far for those of you keeping track. By now, Mr. Rangel is pretty settled into his job as a career politician, but it looks like his days are finally numbered.

Sure, it’s only a leadership role, but a very influential one at that, so if hell is freezing over, I’m hoping his days as a Congressman could be coming to an end as well.

Another interesting development today was the sudden “switch” by Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY).

For days now he has blocked a bill extending unemployment benefits, highway funding, and other government programs because the bill was unfunded.

Tonight, however, he switched his position because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promised him a vote on his amendment forcing the $10 billion bill to be offset by closing a tax loophole, as well as a chance to offer amendments on the next Senate jobs bill which will cost $150 billion.

Just moments after he agreed to Scary Harry’s terms, the extension bill passed 78 – 19 and his amendment failed with only 43 Senators voting for it.

So what did Bunning gain out of this? Nothing. Nothing at all. He folded under the pressure when he should have stood his ground. How much longer can we write checks with nothing to pay them with? Here’s Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) speaking on the Senate floor today before Sen. Bunning caved.


The one bright side was seeing which 19 GOP members voted against the measure. Senators Alexander, Barrasso, Bennett (UT), Bunning, Burr, Coburn, Corker, Cornyn, Crapo, DeMint, Ensign, Enzi, Gregg, Hatch, Johanns, McConnell, Risch, Sessions, and Thune all voted against a bill that will cost $10 billion with no money allocated to pay for it.

Even though he voted against the bill itself, by dropping his opposition to the bill Jim Bunning helped increase our national debt by $10 billion in just a matter of minutes. Thanks, Jim!

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Truths, Tampering, Tark, & Teleprompters

I couldn’t believe the number of comments you all left about that 2012 presidential poll. [COUGH] Your insight and your guesses stunned me. [COUGH] Now you’ll never know who my choice was.

Thought #1

With that said, and on a different note, I was really hoping Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) was going to challenge Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) for his seat in the U.S. Senate. Sadly, Pence announced today that he will not be challenging Bayh in the upcoming election.


Mike Pence is one of the true leaders on Capitol Hill. If we get more people like him running in 2010, only good can come of it.

Thought #2

If you missed hearing what Charles Krauthammer had to say about President Obama’s “one-term President” comment, you may want to listen to it.


Thought #3

I heard James O’Keefe got arrested today for attempting to tamper with Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) phone.

If you didn’t know, O’Keefe was the filmmaker responsible for the undercover ACORN videos.

He’s a moron. It appears that he and his cohorts were presenting themselves as telephone repairmen, and they got busted. Good. If he was breaking the law, he deserves everything he gets.

Thought #4

This evening I am going to make my first political endorsement for the 2010 elections. I usually wait a bit longer before I throw my support behind candidates in any race, but I am so sure about this endorsement there is no need to wait.

I usually don’t endorse candidates running in another state but I am endorsing Danny Tarkanian for U.S. Senate in the state of Nevada.

I attended UNLV in 1983 and 1984. At the time, Tarkanian was the star basketball player for the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. He is running for the Republican nomination against Sue Lowden, who is a former news anchor and a state senator.

You’ve heard me rant about Harry Reid. I have been quite vocal about my opposition to Mr. Reid since I was 10 years old. My opinion of Sue Lowden is not much better than that of Harry Reid. While I don’t have any personal anecdotes about knocking over her campaign signs, I am adamantly opposed to her winning the Republican nomination. She wants to tap some public retirement funds to pay for God knows what, and she took a No Tax Pledge and then voted to impose a $100 per year, per job tax as well as additional taxes and fees on everything from limited liability corporations to water distribution. Sue Lowden would be as bad for Nevada, my home state, as Scary Harry Reid.

I support Danny Tarkanian’s position on the issues, and he is consistently beating Harry Reid in every poll taken. Two very good reasons to support him in the 2010 election.

Thought #5

I’ve got to end the evening with this.


When the President of the United States meets with a dozen people, does he really need to stand at a podium with the Presidential Seal, and does he really need to use the teleprompter?

I’m beginning to wonder if President Obama has a Linus van Pelt syndrome. It’s not quite a security blanket but that teleprompter could be filling the same void.

Slamming Into A Brick Wall

I’m still working hot and heavy on a project so here’s another short post tonight.

It seems that the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts special election to fill the people’s seat (formerly known as Ted Kennedy’s seat) has had a ripple effect in reality, or the Obama administrations perception of reality anyway.

Erroll Southers has officially withdrawn his nomination to run the Transportation Security Administration. Funny isn’t it? It was obvious from the beginning that Southers was not a viable candidate for the position because of his natural aversion to answering simple yes or no questions and his expertise in violating the privacy of everyday citizens. Yet, he stuck it out since September and was prepared to go the distance until it was painfully clear that the Democrats no longer had a filibuster proof majority.

President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name Wednesday, a setback for an administration still trying to explain how a man could attempt to blow up a commercial airliner on Christmas Day.

Erroll Southers said he was pulling out because his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. Obama had tapped Southers, a top official with the Los Angeles Airport Police Department, to lead the TSA in September but his confirmation has been blocked by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who says he was worried that Southers would allow TSA employees to have collective bargaining rights.

I disagree that his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. His nomination had become a lightning rod for anyone who valued truth, justice, and privacy. He will never see it that way, but that’s okay. I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that many people associated with our current President couldn’t tell you the definition of truth and ethics if you gave them a dictionary.

A Fresh Face And A Fresh Start

What an unexpected night this turned out to be.

Two weeks ago it was unthinkable that Republican Scott Brown would win the special election in Massachusetts, yet tonight, he made history when he proved he could (and did) win it.

The people of Massachusetts spoke tonight and made it evidently clear where they stand on the issues. They also made it clear where they expect their senators and representatives to stand as well.

Many people believe this election was decided because of the health care reform issue, and that may very well be the case. Scott Brown’s win will be the final nail in the coffin for the current health care reform bill, and Democrats know it. If you don’t believe me, just listen to what they have to say now.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) now says,

It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.

Sen. Webb made it clear that pushing the bill through with a vote before Brown is seated would appear “unfair”. Where was his concern about appearances each time they were pushing the bill through before today? Why wasn’t fairness a concern when they had a filibuster proof majority of 60 votes? Were they blinded with power?

In light of Scott’s victory, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) says,

If there isn’t any recognition that we got the message and we are trying to recalibrate and do things differently, we are not only going to risk looking ignorant but arrogant.

I take it Rep. Weiner has no idea that he and other Democrats looked ignorant because they were not listening to the American people. I take it he also doesn’t realize they looked arrogant because they were pushing votes on the health care bill before they knew what was contained within it. It’s a shame that it took the loss of “Ted Kennedy’s seat” (as they call it) before they started worrying about appearances.

Evan Bayh (D-IN) adds,

They just don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems. That’s something that has to be corrected.

I don’t believe, for a moment, that any of these Democrats just realized all of this. They knew they had the super majority and they thought they could ram this health care bill down our throats.

Tonight, the people of Massachusetts saved the rest of us from the health care bill fiasco, but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is still convinced they can pass the health care bill.

We will get the job done. I am confident of that. I have always been confident of that

Of course, she’s a little slow on the uptake because we all know the Botox has numbed her senses. Reality will dawn on her before the sun rises and she’ll be making another appointment to erase those worry wrinkles too.

All it will take is one vote to kill the bill. I find it highly ironic that the one vote will come from the man sitting in the seat that used to be filled by the ‘Lion of the Senate’, the man who’s life cause was universal health care, Ted Kennedy.

Democrats far and wide know the health care debate must start over. Even the staunchest of supporters of this bill know it’s time to start over. Just think how much they could have accomplished if they had just listened to the American people in the first place.

The people of Massachusetts are sending a fresh face to Washington, and with him, a fresh start on real health care reform. Congratulations Mr. Brown.

Harry & Nancy Are Drunk With Power

Did you see the headlines today?

Dems look to skip formality on health bills

Democrats Reid, Pelosi ponder crafting Obama’s final healthcare bill behind closed doors

Did you read any of the stories with those headlines?

Democratic leaders are looking to forgo a formal, public conference to merge the House and Senate’s health care overhaul bills, giving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House free rein to hammer out the final measure behind closed doors and thwart Republican efforts to stymie it.

The maneuver gives Democratic leaders the ability to quickly work through hundreds of differences between the 2,000-page bills and to keep control over the deals they will need to make on politically touchy topics such as abortion, taxes and Medicare cuts.

You read that correctly. Rather than allowing a conference committee to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, Scary Harry and Nanny State Nancy are planning to keep the negotiations behind closed doors, out of the public eye, and away from any scrutiny by the American public.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Harry Reid was against that very idea. The year was 2006.

They rushed the bill through votes in the House. They called the Senate into session at one o’clock in the morning to pass their version. They refused to allow enough time for people to read the entire bill before bringing these votes, many of which were on amendments which members of Congress hadn’t even received a copy of. But don’t you fret. Nancy Pelosi says there has never been a more open process.

C-SPAN wrote a letter to congressional leaders Tuesday asking that TV cameras be allowed to film negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of healthcare reform legislation.

But Pelosi said Congress has already been transparent throughout the process.

“There has never been a more open process for any legislation,” Pelosi said at a press conference.

If you get too nauseated you can fast forward to the 7 minute mark to hear her ridiculous remark.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are drunk with power and it’s only a matter of time before they kill someone. It’s time to pull them over and make them pay the consequences.