Wrong And Right

Today was a long day. As a severely underemployed person, things are very tight around here. I spent the day working on some things that needed to be done, and straightening out some things that couldn’t be done before today. It’s a long story for another day.

I have a couple things I want to write about tonight. The first is about ObamaCare.

I bet you didn’t know there was a vote in the House Of Representatives yesterday involving ObamaCare. Yesterday was a day filled with news about the Deep Horizon oil spill and the speech delivered by The Failed One™ from the Oval Office (his first). It was perfect cover for the media to completely ignore the vote to repeal the individual mandate under ObamaCare.

House Republicans plan to force a vote as soon as today on a measure that would repeal the job-killing, unconstitutional ‘individual mandate’ at the heart of ObamaCare. This proposal, to be offered by House Ways & Means Committee Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI), will be offered as the Republican motion-to-recommit on H.R. 5486, the so-called Small Business Jobs Tax Relief Act of 2010.

The vote failed 187-230. Twenty-one Democrats joined the Republicans in voting for the measure. Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA), once again, was the sole Republican to vote with the Democrats against the Republican measure.

I can’t believe so many Democrats are still getting it wrong where ObamaCare is concerned and it’s amazing how much the media can still hide from us simply by diverting our attention.

The second subject I want to write about is the new AutoZone iPhone App. I don’t usually write about iPhone applications, but I have to applaud the developers of this one.

A few weeks ago I noticed my passenger side headlight was out. I don’t do too much night driving, so I didn’t think too much about it, until the evening of the Douglas County TEA Party. While driving home I realized how dark our country roads are with only one light, so I planned to stop and pick up a new headlight the next chance I got.

Well, as things normally go around here, I put it off in order to focus on other things like replacing the lawn mower battery, cleaning up some storage items, organizing my woodworking shop, practicing with some new photographic techniques, etc, etc, etc. You get the idea.

Two days ago, I noticed the new AutoZone app in the App Store so I figured I would download it and see what it was all about. I am a sucker for those FREE apps anyway.

Once I got the app installed I was able to add my truck to my list of vehicles, identify the store closest to my house (4 miles away), and within minutes I was able to see that they had my headlight in stock for $14.99 ($16.04 with tax).

I picked up the headlight and within minutes after returning home, I had replaced the headlight myself.

It’s pretty awesome that I could search their catalog, find my part, confirm it was in-stock at my local store, and know exactly how much I was going to spend, all from the comfort of my easy chair. Thanks AutoZone, for making an app that’s actually useful!

It’s nice to see some developers who get it right on the first try.

That’s it for this post. As I said before, it’s been a very long day and tomorrow looks to be even longer than today. Now I am going to kick back and play some Sudoku2Pro and relax.

It’s Time To Send The Painted Lady Packing

Do you remember a couple of years ago when House Republicans were asking Nancy Pelosi to come back to Washington so something could be done about rising energy costs in America? If you’ve been following me for any length of time, I’m sure you remember, but just in case…


I remember it well because I posted videos every day, sometimes more than one per day to help get the word out. Republicans simply wanted the chance to debate the matter. Funny thing. Barack Obama was not President at that time, but people seem to forget that Nanny State Nancy and Scary Harry have controlled the House and the Senate for several years now. They have been stifling debate from day one.

The Democrats accuse the Republicans of “stalling tactics” when it comes to health-care, but the Republicans are simply standing up for the American people. They did it with immigration, they did it with the energy bill, and they are doing it again now. They’re not perfect, and many of them have their own faults, but the Republicans are simply speaking (and acting) for their constituents.

The American people do not like the current bills that have been introduced by the White House, the House, or the Senate. Nancy Pelosi avoids the fact that House Republicans have introduced 70 different bills and amendments, 66 of which haven’t even seen the light of day in committee or on the House floor. Instead, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi claim the Republicans don’t have a solution. You can only sweep so much under the rug before you trip on it!

Now, even though the bill is unpopular with the majority of the American people, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are planning to shove the bill through with ‘reconciliation’ which only requires a simple majority vote.

The White House called for a “simple up-or-down” vote on health care legislation Sunday as Speaker Nancy Pelosi appealed to House Democrats to get behind President Barack Obama’s chief domestic priority even it if threatens their political careers.

In voicing support for a simple majority vote, White House health reform director Nancy-Ann DeParle signaled Obama’s intention to push the Democratic-crafted bill under Senate rules that would overcome GOP stalling tactics.

A simple majority vote wasn’t good enough in the House when the Republicans wanted to introduce their own energy bill. What makes it good enough now?

Hasn’t America been led in the wrong direction long enough? The American people want a health-care solution that works. The American people have made it clear they do not like the health-care plan Democrats have proposed, and we can’t develop a new one if Democrats won’t discuss it.

Just yesterday, Nancy Pelosi said, ” A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes“. She’s so out of touch with reality she can’t even speak coherently.

She is even urging her colleagues to back the current health-care plan even if it threatens their political careers because she feels the American people are not educated enough to know when they see, hear and smell the bullshit contained in the current bills being bandied about on the Hill.

What happened to the Democrat plan to lead from 2006? What about their plan to govern? Locking down the House and Senate, intimidating and bribing members into voting for their proposals, and stifling the other side of the debate is not leading or governing.

It’s criminal and it’s time for them to go.

The Democrats in Washington, D.C. have made one thing clear. Whether the issue is immigration, energy, or health-care, they have no idea what the American people want and it’s high time we, the American people, sent them a message and send them packing.

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A Positive Recommendation…

The day started off pretty good. I woke up without a headache, and then just a few hours later, it came back. I had lots of things I had to do today, but I didn’t get a chance to get them done.

Don’t you find it completely ironic that a Canadian government official, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, has chosen to come to the United States to have heart surgery.

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams will undergo heart surgery later this week in the United States.

Deputy premier Kathy Dunderdale confirmed the treatment at a news conference Tuesday, but would not reveal the location of the operation or how it would be paid for.

“He has gone to a renowned expert in the procedure that he needs to have done,” said Ms. Dunderdale, who will become acting premier while Mr. Williams is away for three to 12 weeks.

“In consultation with his own doctors, he’s decided to go that route.”

Did you catch that last line? After consultation with his Canadian doctors, he decided to travel to the United States to have the procedure done. The article goes on to state that staying in Canada was “never an option offered to him”.

Exactly what would Mr. Williams have done if the United States was already subject to ObamaCare? That’s right, you never would have heard this story, because Mr. Williams wouldn’t have had the option to come here and most likely would have died before you even learned who he was.

Good luck with your surgery, Mr. Williams. While here in the United States you will have access to the finest medical facilities, the best medical technology, and some of the most experienced doctors you could ever find.

We won’t forget that it was your government-run, universal health care system that helped you find your way to our border, our doctors, and our health care system.

Stop Squawking Already!

Yes, as a matter of fact I am still busy.

Many people are squawking today about the Supreme Court decision to knock down a major portion of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. People are under the assumption that this decision will open the doors to corporate corruption by allowing corporations, unions and other groups to donate directly to political campaigns.

Do these people not realize that the same money was already reaching the candidates as it was funneled from those same corporations through everday citizens directly to their political campaigns?

What morons. Watch this video about campaign finance reform from October of 2008.

So stop squawking already. McCain-Feingold was a violation of our first amendment rights. The Supreme Court did good with their decision.

Quick Stop Thought Shop

We’re busy preparing for “winter weather”, which in Georgia means we are making sure to get our normal grocery shopping done before the “bread and milk” panic sets in. The weather people are calling for up to 2 inches of snow, but we won’t believe that until we see it on the ground.

Here are a few thoughts to keep you busy, while I chop and split some firewood, clean out the fireplace, and prepare for the ensuing “storm”.

Thought #1

Are the rats jumping ship or what?

First Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announces he will not be running for re-election in 2010 and then, on the same day, Christopher Dodd (D-CT) announces the same thing. I know I am no expert in politics, but I don’t remember any prominent members of the party in power announcing they will “retire” rather than run for re-election, especially during a mid-term election when re-election chances for incumbents is so high.

Then again, looking at the popularity of the health care reform legislation and the fact that both of these men voted for it, maybe I should be shocked that more rats haven’t jumped ship, yet.

Thought #2

Candidate Barack Obama stated several times that health care negotiations would be covered on C-SPAN.


He lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied. Now, people on both sides of the aisle are angry that he has broken his promise. Why not let the cameras in?


Hat Tip: Vinny

Thought #3*

And finally, I want to take a moment to congratulate Brian Ott, as he opened his new business over in Douglasville this week.

I have met a lot of cool people in the area because of the Tea Party movement, and Brian and his wife Teresa are a couple of the coolest.

If you ever need your firearms repaired, cleaned, or refinished make sure you stop in at Ott Gun Works. You won’t be disappointed.

*Disclaimer: This was not a paid advertisement, in fact I bet it will take a couple of days for Brian or Teresa to see this.

Harry & Nancy Are Drunk With Power

Did you see the headlines today?

Dems look to skip formality on health bills

Democrats Reid, Pelosi ponder crafting Obama’s final healthcare bill behind closed doors

Did you read any of the stories with those headlines?

Democratic leaders are looking to forgo a formal, public conference to merge the House and Senate’s health care overhaul bills, giving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House free rein to hammer out the final measure behind closed doors and thwart Republican efforts to stymie it.

The maneuver gives Democratic leaders the ability to quickly work through hundreds of differences between the 2,000-page bills and to keep control over the deals they will need to make on politically touchy topics such as abortion, taxes and Medicare cuts.

You read that correctly. Rather than allowing a conference committee to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, Scary Harry and Nanny State Nancy are planning to keep the negotiations behind closed doors, out of the public eye, and away from any scrutiny by the American public.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Harry Reid was against that very idea. The year was 2006.

They rushed the bill through votes in the House. They called the Senate into session at one o’clock in the morning to pass their version. They refused to allow enough time for people to read the entire bill before bringing these votes, many of which were on amendments which members of Congress hadn’t even received a copy of. But don’t you fret. Nancy Pelosi says there has never been a more open process.

C-SPAN wrote a letter to congressional leaders Tuesday asking that TV cameras be allowed to film negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of healthcare reform legislation.

But Pelosi said Congress has already been transparent throughout the process.

“There has never been a more open process for any legislation,” Pelosi said at a press conference.

If you get too nauseated you can fast forward to the 7 minute mark to hear her ridiculous remark.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are drunk with power and it’s only a matter of time before they kill someone. It’s time to pull them over and make them pay the consequences.