The Only Change Is Failure

If President Obama isn’t going to step up and accept his responsibilities as President, maybe it’s time he resigned. I’m serious. The environmental and economic impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to devastate the SouthEast United States for years, if not decades. More than fifty days have passed and nothing has been done to slow, let alone stop, the leak.

In yesterday’s post I wrote about Section 311 of the Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, and President Obama’s responsibility to gain control of the situation. He hasn’t, but not only is he shrugging his responsibility, I am beginning to think he is singlehandedly making the situation even worse than it was going to be.

There are a couple reasons why I feel this way…

Reason #1

Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, known as the Jones Act, requires that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried in U.S. flagged ships. Those ships must be constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and operated by U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Because of the Jones Act, ships from many different countries are unavailable to help with clean up and recovery efforts in the Gulf Of Mexico. Mexico, Canada, Norway, Belgium, and The Netherlands have all offered help. All of their offers have been refused because of the Jones Act.

British Petroleum (BP) estimates that cleanup will take nine months without foreign assistance. With help from experts worldwide it could be done in three.

In 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff waived the Jones Act for 18 days to get the gas and oil supply line moving again.

Why hasn’t the Obama Administration waived the Jones Act? What is the motive for allowing the oil to spread across the Gulf Of Mexico unchecked?

Reason #2

Governor Jindal of Louisiana has requested supplies to protect the beaches in his state. More than fifty days later he’s still listening to crickets.

Why hasn’t the Obama Administration allowed states to protect their wetlands and shorelines? What is the motive for allowing the oil to contaminate fragile wildlife refuges and fishing grounds that are vital to the area economy?

Reason #3

After the Exxon Valdez ran aground at Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989, natural oil eating bacteria was used to clean up the ocean and shores. More than fifty days after the Deep Horizon explosion, the company which produces up to 200,000 gallons a day of the bacteria has not been contacted by the Obama Administration.

Why hasn’t the Obama Administration returned their calls? What is the motive for ignoring such a successful clean up solution?

Reason #4

There are several other possible solutions which could aid in the capping of the well (remember Red Adair’s team which capped 628 wells in 9 months over in Kuwait) and the removal of oil from the water in the Gulf Of Mexico (lookup Kevin Costner’s oil cleaning centrifuges), but the Obama Administration has done nothing.

Keep in mind, President Obama still hasn’t declared the area a disaster area. Why not? What is the motive for ignoring every possible solution and every single offer of assistance?

So, those are my four reasons, in addition to ignoring his legal responsibilities as outlined in the Clean Water Act and the Oil Pollution, why President Obama should resign as President of the United States.

As of this post, more than 38 million gallons of oil are floating in the waters off our Southern shore. Hesitation by the Obama Administration is killing marine life, endangering wildlife, destroying fragile wetlands, and devastating the economy of millions of people along the Gulf coast.

There is no hope. There is no change. There is only failure. President Obama’s failure. If he isn’t going to perform his duties as President he should resign. Immediately.

The Reality Of Broken Promises

When it comes to politics, I never expect the candidates to uphold all of the promises they make while on the campaign trail. Call me a realist, but I know it’s impossible for someone who has no idea what the job will entail to make promises on how they will do that job before they actually get it.

Presidential candidates have no idea what it really means to be President of the United States until they win the election and are brought up to speed on what’s really going on in the world. There is no other job in the world that can help them prepare for their first national security briefing. They have no idea what it takes to be, or what needs to be done as, president. If they knew what it took they would never want the job in the first place.

Over the course of the past two years we heard three words. They became the focus of Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency.

Hope, change, and inspiration.

For two years Barack Obama promised to fill our lives with hope. He was going to bring new hope and vision to the Oval Office. For two years he promised to bring change to Washington, D.C., he said there would be no more business as usual. He spent two years inspiring people to believe he was the man that would change everything. He inspired enough people to be elected the 44th President of the United States.

Now, reality sets in.

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Still Wondering, Who Has Standing?

Three weeks ago we learned that the average American citizen does not have standing to bring a lawsuit requesting that Presidential candidates prove they meet the qualifications to hold the office, as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

According to Judge Surrick, citizens don’t have this right, voters (also citizens mind you) don’t have this right, and party members (citizens as well) don’t either. But if Congress (comprised of citizens) decides we should have this right, then they would have to pass new laws to grant us that ability. So, if we don’t have it, who does have this right? Our government (ie: citizens) is comprised of the people, by the people, and for the people. Who, but the people, should have this right?

We were left wondering at the time… Who does have standing to bring such a lawsuit? What about Presidential candidates running for the same office? Don’t they have standing to bring such a question to the table?

I must point out that none of this would be happening, and there would be no questions if President-Elect Barack Obama would simply release a certified copy of his birth certificate for everyone to see. That one simple act would prove all the naysayers wrong, and would put an end to all this speculation that he might not be a natural born citizen of the United States.

On November 12th, American Independent Party candidate Alan Keyes, along with Wiley S. Drake, the vice-presidential candidate filed suit to prevent the state of California from certifying their electors until satisfactory proof is produced that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen.

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On The Job Training: 72 Hours Later

Three days ago, Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. In the 72 hours since his election, the stock market has dropped about 1,000 points, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed, and U.S. automakers burnt more cash that you would ever see in a hundred lifetimes.

There is no doubt, when President-Elect Obama takes office, he is going to have his hands full. There are still a lot of questions about how he will manage the current economic crisis, as well as how he will handle the foreign affairs situations like the one being proposed by Russia.

Today, he held his first press conference, which I found quite stiff and orchestrated. I did have one question before the press conference even started, though. Since when do we have an “office of the President-Elect”? Yes, his title is President-Elect, but since when did that include the term “office of” in front of it?

He will not be sworn into office until January 20th, 2009. Until then, he has no authority. No matter what happens with the U.S. government between now and then, he has no power to make decisions, he has no authority to change a single thing, in fact, he can’t really do anything at all. So why are they calling it an “office”?

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The Obama Presidency

Tonight was an historic night in the United States. Barack Obama has become the first African-American elected to our nation’s highest office. He is also the first Socialist elected to that position.

Barack Obama has proven that all things are possible. He proved that someone with zero executive experience and who associates with known domestic terrorists can be elected President. He has also proven that the American people (at least the majority of them), at this time in history, are more receptive of socialist economic ideas than free market capitalist ideas. But most of all, he has proven that anyone can become President as long as they are willing to lie to the American people, ignore solid inquiries about their proposed tax plans, and have the ability to raise millions upon millions of dollars in order to do so.

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The Dawn Of A New Era

Is it just me or has this been the campaign that seemed like it would never end? It won’t be long now before we can turn on the cable news channels and not see a politician for at least 10 minutes. Of course, they’ll be focusing on high speed chases, missing college girls, and the mysterious chupacabra, but heck anything other than election news will be a welcome change at this point, right?

As I started typing this entry, the polls in Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location were just about to open in New Hampshire.

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire is a small village of about 75 people that is famous for being one of the first places to vote during Presidential elections. They are also one of the first to declare the winner at their location. Over the course of the past 12 elections they have chosen the winner 50% of the time. The last time they selected a Democrat was 1968, when they picked Humphrey over Nixon. They were wrong.

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