The Lesser Of Two Evils

Today was the primary “runoff” election, where Nathan Deal and Karen Handel faced off for Governor.

To tell you the truth I am not impressed with Deal or Handel. Neither of them seem to support smaller government, at least they have never done anything to indicate they do. Neither one of them seem to have taken a stance to protect our liberties, which isn’t really difficult to do if you want to do it.

That’s why I could care less who won the runoff today, and why I am voting for John Monds for Governor in November.

Libertarian candidates (especially in Georgia) might not have a realistic chance of winning, but at least I won’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I’ll be able to vote my conscience in the upcoming election.

The best news from tonight’s results is the fact that Maria Sheffield got kicked to the curb in the race for Insurance Commissioner. The voters of Georgia did an awesome thing by getting rid of Maria Sheffield and John Oxendine during this election cycle.

Yes, I am still angry about the whole e-mail list debacle. You can’t blame me for thinking it’s a good thing that the two people responsible for stealing my e-mail information were sent packing!

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More Mainstream Media Malarkey

I couldn’t help but laugh at the headline I read this evening.

GOP Gubernatorial Primary: The Fight for Second Place

There are a few problems with polls like this. They didn’t reveal their sample information in the article. Who did they poll? Were the respondents all Republican? How was the poll presented? Did they ask “Who are you going to vote for in the July 20 primary?” or did they ask a loaded question, such as “Who do you think has the best chance of winning the July 20 primary?”

These are important questions, because, to be honest, I don’t believe the poll.

I have spoken to many people about the upcoming election too. I don’t have exact numbers, but I would estimate I have spoken to at least 300 people. I have no idea if they were Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, libertarian, or independent voters. Yes, I know I listen Libertarian twice, some of you will get it.

At least half of the people I have spoken with said they will NOT vote for John Oxendine, Nathan Deal, or Karen Handel. Many of them said we don’t need any more career politician, even in the Governor’s Mansion.

No matter which poll you believe, John Oxendine is only ahead in the polls because he’s been at the forefront of Georgia politics for so many years. When it comes time to actually case that vote, I don’t think the majority of Georgia voters will give him their vote in the July 20 primary.

And now, I would like to make a couple comments about the article…

“A solid second, I feel good about that,” Karen Handel said of the latest 11Alive News / V-103 poll.

If Karen Handel is willing to settle for second place, why should we elect her to the #1 position in this state?

We asked Handel if Deal is maintaining strength by running to her right.

“I haven’t really seen that,” said Handel.  “I see people fed up with the same old career politicians with the kind of ethics trouble that frankly John Oxendine has, and that Nathan Deal has.”

Karen Handel hasn’t held office as long as Oxendine or Deal, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a career politician. As one of the “100 Most Influential Political Leaders In Georgia” she can hardly make the case that she is a “fresh face” in the race for Governor of Georgia.

Her own biography states that she served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Marilyn Quayle during the Bush-Quayle years, Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Sonny Perdue, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and Georgia Secretary of State. For those of you looking for a “fresh face”, please remember that the Bush-Quayle years were 1989 through 1993. Karen Handel has been working in politics of some sort for twenty-one years.

If I spent 21 years working in a particular field, someone might say that I made a career of it. Oh wait. Would you look at that? I have!!

So who is the best choice for Governor? Once you eliminate “career politicians” and those with ethics complaints against them, the field is much smaller, and much smarter.

In another article, John Oxendine makes one of the most bizarre statements ever.

There’s always allegations,” Oxendine said.

Really? Now we know what’s wrong with career politicians, don’t we?

One More No Vote

So far, during this election cycle, I have only endorsed one candidate, that being Danny Tarkanian for U.S. Senate in my home state of Nevada.

Just a few weeks ago I was spammed by the Maria Sheffield campaign. She is running for Insurance Commissioner here in Georgia. It turned out her campaign manager, who was John Oxendine’s former campaign manager, may have “shared” the mailing list from the Oxendine campaign. I don’t have to clarify my position with either of their campaigns do I?

I had planned to wait a while before I endorsed another candidate or explained why I won’t be voting for them, but Nathan Deal made such an impression on me that I have to write something right now.


You may have heard that Rep. Deal (R-GA) announced his resignation from Congress last week.

At the time of his announcement, all I could think about was the pending health care vote. By resigning, Deal would be reducing the number of votes needed by the House leadership to pass the bill.

Two days later, he reversed course.

Just two days after I announced my intentions to leave Congress, the majority party stepped up the schedule for the proposed health care bill. Having been deeply involved in all health care legislation for the past decade, I knew it was important to stay and vote down this bill.

I would have been alright with that decision, because it was the right one, if he had made it himself. From the written statement on his own website:

Deal discussed the change with Governor Sonny Perdue, who encouraged him to stay.

Why on Earth would I vote for him to serve as Governor of the State of Georgia if he has to be “talked into” the obviously correct decision by our current Governor? Why didn’t he realize that the Obama administration would try to make the most of his decision? Why didn’t he just figure on staying until after the health care vote?

How can I be sure that, as Governor, he will be able to make the right decisions when needed? How can I be sure that he won’t be calling former Governor Purdue at 3am when he can’t make up his mind?

We need a strong Governor who can walk the walk and talk the talk, not someone who ping pongs back and forth over obviously simple decisions.

We need the real deal, for real, and that I’m afraid is not Nathan Deal.

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