The Persecution of Palestine

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Jimmy Carter is nuts. As you know, since completing his one and only term as president, Mr. Carter has traveled the world advocating peace, or at least pretending to. Yet, in his last book he equated Israel and Israeli policies with the South African system of dividing races, apartheid. He raised quite a stink, especially among the Jewish community, and still has not apologized to the state of Israel or the Jewish people for his distasteful choice of titles.

The title of that book, “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid”, said it all. Upon writing that book, Mr. Carter confused his personal opinions with facts and he lost all objectivity in Mid-East relations. At the time, I questioned whether the book revealed a sudden shift in his views toward Israel, or if he had always felt that Israel was an apartheid state. He answered that question himself just months later when he agreed to meet with the leader of Hamas, and then revealed that he had been meeting with the leaders of Hamas for years.

The revelations about his secret meetings with Hamas completely shatter any credibility he still had as a “peacemaker”, yet he still took the time to write another book. Why? Why would anyone take the time to read it? That’s like reading a book on how to play a game that was written by an athlete who did nothing but cheat while playing. Mr. Carter has no more credibility when it comes to acting like a broker of peace. Peacemakers do not hold secret meetings with terrorists.

This week, Mr. Carter said the “persecution of Palestinians” and the “lack of U.S. commitment” to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict makes peace in the Mid-East a volatile issue. Let’s set the record straight, okay?

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