Three Months Later: Oil Spill Links

It’s been about a week since I posted anything about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, so I am going to post all of the links I have been saving for the past few days.

Air Quality Data For Workers

Oil Spill Dispersant Literature

BP Selling Alaska Oil Stake

Gulf Coast Must Act Now

BP Affixes New Cap On Gulf Oil Well

Will the Gulf Oil Spill Affect Birds That Nest in Our Backyards?

Corexit Cuts Survival Rates By 50%

Toxic Dispersants Near Gulf Harm Humans and Wildlife

82 people treated for suspected oil-related illnesses

Independent Gulf Coast Water Testing


Capped BP Oil Well May be Leaking in Wellbore

BP Pushes Doctored Image of “Command Center”

The Catastrophe Continues

When I first looked at this live feed from the Gulf of Mexico, the total amount of oil spilled was 22 million gallons. That was on June 1, 2010.


I really don’t care who is to blame for the initial explosion. I really don’t care who is to blame for the initial slow response. What I really care about now, is that BP (who owns the rig that exploded) and our government (which allowed the explosion to occur because they dropped the ball on inspections and enforcement) are doing nothing to stop the leak.

Shut your mouths, stop pointing fingers, get to work. JUST.STOP.THE.LEAK.