The Knife In My Back

knife.jpgWhen I said I thought the weekend was busy, I had no idea what busy was. After the past two days, I now know what busy is. It all started on Monday when I learned that the company I have devoted the past ten years to working countless hours for has decided that I am no longer “employee” material.

I first contracted with them in 1998 when our oldest son was just three months old. I was put in charge of developing a new company website and creating a new vehicle tracking website for one of the nation’s major shipping companies. The result of that project led to the purchase of our company and my wife and I were hired full time in December of 2000.

While I enjoyed the benefit of working from home, it also meant I was available 24 hours a day. When the servers went down, I was the one they called. When the president of the company went to Europe to sell a system, I was the one working at 3am to make sure things went smooth during the demo.

My wife was “laid-off” in February of 2001, yes, just three months after we were hired full time, and my pay was cut by 50 percent in an effort to “save the company” after the September 11th attack.

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