The Early Morning Train

misty.jpgAs you can see, I got the new theme uploaded and installed earlier today. Well, it’s yesterday now, as I sit here looking at the clock and I realize that it’s after 2:30 in the morning.

Besides running behind schedule most of the evening, we had a very productive day. It all started when we went to the bank to deposit the expense check. Once we got done at the bank we ran over to the senior community to deliver some brochures and ads for Gidget’s new alterations business. We stopped in to see my mom for a few minutes (Hi Mom) and then we came back home so Gidget could place an order for some threads and other supplies she needs in order to start doing business.

Over the past couple years we have invested, albeit slowly, to get her alterations and sewing business going and it’s all coming to fruition now. We couldn’t have planned it any better. She has all the machines she needs, and most of the equipment. There are a few other things she would like to have, but they will have to wait til she starts making some money. It won’t be much longer before she’ll be ready to take customer orders and begin her daily routine of working in the sweat shop (aka the freezer known as our basement).

While she placed her order with the thread company, I checked in with all my online job sites and found five more jobs to apply for today. That was a surprise. I didn’t expect to find so many in such a short time.

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A Super Sunday

bankdeposit.jpgWell, well, well. I now have more proof that the Big Fat Liar and the Psycho Bitch From Hell are just that. Liars and Psychos. For the past six months I was told that the company could not re-imburse me for my phone bills because they had a cash flow problem. I was told when the company had more money coming in, they would pay the bills but not until then.

As I stated in a previous post, I was asked by the PBFH to send the complete phone bills for review and then they would pay them. That was January 22. On January 27, I sent the phone bills. I received a check yesterday, for the entire amount. The check was dated January 22. Yes, the check was dated 5 days before I even sent the bills to be reviewed. Well, that’s what she wants me to believe, I guess.

The Big Fat Liar just doesn’t stop living up to his new name. Where did this money come from? There’s no way that “money came in” to pay six months of phone bills, in five days. The more time that passes, the more I realize they have been trying to get me to walk for more than six months. Anyway, I am glad I got the check, because now we can make the truck payment for the month and I don’t have to worry too much about that for a couple more weeks.
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Ain’t That The Truth

I applied for 7 more positions today, bringing my total for the week to 17. I have continuously checked Computer Jobs, JobServe,, HotJobs,, CyberCoders, and Career Builder. I have put in applications with private companies, government contractors, and large corporations. I am willing to work down the road in Atlanta, Marietta, or even North Georgia.

Attention employers: You can start the callbacks anytime now.

bigfatliar.jpgSomeone sent me this cartoon the other day. I couldn’t help but think of the Big Fat Liar. In fact, that cartoon pretty much summed up the entire time I worked for him.

In December of 2000, he agreed to purchase our small company. He never did. He hired my wife and I and gave us stock options in the company. We never received a dime for our company.

A few months later he called me up to the main office (in Maryland) and told me he had to lay off my wife. He never did tell her. Not in person, not in email, not at all. He told me it was temporary, but it wasn’t.

After September 11th, he called in a panic. Apparently the company was going to fail unless the top executives at the company took pay cuts. So the four of us (including him) agreed to take a temporary 50% pay cut to save the company. It wasn’t temporary, and he never took the cut.

The lies didn’t end there.
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Another Very Long Day

peanuts.jpgIt’s been another busy day around here. Since everything that’s happening seems to be in flux at the moment, we decided to put ourselves on a schedule. Rise and shine with the morning sun, work our asses off til dinner, eat, then sleep. Rinse. Repeat. Of course, here I sit typing this post at 11:45pm. What a nice way to start going to bed early. Any bets on what time I actually get to sleep?

After searching all of the job sites and submitting more applications and resume’s I spent some time researching a couple other leads I had. When I finished the “morning shift” as I call it, I spent the afternoon working on a new website for a special customer of mine. Okay, she’s my wife, but she sure is special. She’s re-launching her business under a different brand, Buttercup 149. It’s more of a ‘local’ service, but we discussed one way it could become quite the service, even for those who are housebound.

I missed a lot of stuff today while I was working, but I had a lot of fun too.
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It’s All Good

unemployment.jpgJust a quick note this evening.

I spent the week doing what a lot of people who are fired or laid off do their first week. I played on Facebook. No, seriously, I did. While I was playing on facebook I also completed sprucing up my resume’ and developed a nice cover letter to go with it. I also created a business card that I can hand out if I go to job fairs or other such events.

Speaking of job fairs, there is going to be one on January 28th and I am thinking of going just to get my resume in more places. I filled out two applications for different jobs at one company and I have had follow up contact already from them. I hope that’s a good sign. I must have applied for 30 different jobs this week. I was shocked there were so many to apply for.

On Wednesday I went down to the Unemployment office and filled out all that paperwork. When it gets started I will be receiving $330 per week, which will help us make the house payment until I get working again. Unemployment in Georgia hit 8.1% and that was before I became a statistic.

Speaking of statistics, the now former employer finally sent me an email confirming I was fired. I hadn’t heard from anyone at the company for 11 days. I didn’t need their confirmation, but I did need their admission that they want to put me under contract, which means they can’t tell unemployment I was let go because of poor job performance. It’s all good now.

Well, I have more to do tonight before I hit the sack. I’ll post something more in-depth sometime tomorrow (if I can find the time).

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

The week ended just as busy as it started. You’d think that someone who found out they were unemployed would have a few more minutes during the day, but I didn’t. It seemed the more I tried to get done, the less time I had to finish it. It’s weird how that works.

The biggest shock of the week came when the now former employer called me to mention that he would like me to finish some parts of the project. In the 24 hours that passed since he told me I was no longer “employee material”, he must have realized that the foreigner he hired to replace me couldn’t complete it after all. The drawback, and straw that broke the camel’s back, was his insistence that upon completion of my portion of the project, I still wouldn’t be “employee material”.

Thats like saying, “Whoops, I need you to finish this work, but you’re still fired when you’re done”. I don’t think so. He mentioned making my position a contract position (no regular pay, no benefits, no chance in hell I would do it), but I didn’t hear another word all week.

I’m glad I didn’t fall for his diabolical plan, because my paycheck did not arrive as expected on payday.
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