Scary Stuff On The Way

I’m taking a small break today before I begin my review of HR 3962 tomorrow. I plan on doing my review of the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” in two, or possibly three, parts, and I hope to be done with my review by Tuesday.

Happy Halloween!

No More Skeletons In Woodstock

Back on October 10th, one of our local news channels ran a story about a “shocking” Halloween display in Woodstock, Georgia. As the story aired, I watched as WSB-TV tried to portray Melissa Neese, the woman responsible for creating the display, as a racist because her Halloween display depicted John McCain and Barack Obama with a skeleton standing behind Mr. Obama.

At the time, I felt that Ashley Hayes, the reporter covering the story, should have told the whole story. She should have remained objective, but fell far short. She could have emphasized the fact that Mrs. Neese was not yet finished with the display, but she didn’t. It was Mrs. Neese who said, “I was gunna put Hillary up but I hadn’t got to her yet”, but Hayes didn’t address that truth until the end of the report when most peoples perception of Mrs. Neese had already been made.

Ashley Hayes is a seasoned journalist with a good reputation covering general news stories and investigative pieces, so why would she attempt to portray Mrs. Neese in this light?

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