Another Day With The Eagles

Okay, so I didn’t get much done yesterday or today. I cracked a toe on my right foot (that darned footstool jumped out in front of me, really it did), and I didn’t feel like walking all over the backyard today, so we met some of the guys from our local camera club and went to West Point to make photos of the Bald Eagles.

Bald Eagle (1)


The young one was learning how to model,

Bald Eagle (3)


and the parent was looking for lunch.

Bald Eagle (7)


We saw many other birds, including this Great Blue Heron who was learning to dance.

Great Blue Heron (3)


The Double Crested Cormorant offered us some lunch,

Double Crested Cormorant


and after our siesta,



We hit the road and started the drive back home, but we didn’t get too far before we felt like we were being watched.

Red Tailed Hawk (3)


we made it home just before dark, thankful to have spent such a fun day with the guys enjoying some of God’s most magnificent creations. I hope you had a good day too!

Another Rare Find

We took a quick ride over to Richards Lake in Carrollton yesterday to see what we could find in the water.

It turns out there was more there than we thought there might be. We spotted 18 different species of birds, one of which was the Ross’s Goose.

Ross's Goose (1)

We also saw a couple Common Mergansers, but after a return trip today to confirm that sighting, we were unable to relocate them. When we spotted them on the lake they were ovre by the dam, and we were sitting in the truck on the road. The sun was reflecting off the water, and we could not get a verifiable photograph, although we did enjoy the view for several moments with the binoculars (until a car pulled up and quickly reminded me we were on the road).

On our return trip today we were greeted by a well-meaning but gruff security guard who actually tried to imply that the road crossing the lake (on which we were standing) was private property. Rather than get into a nasty argument with the guy, we left. We’ll head back over there in the next couple days to see if the Common Mergansers show up again.

Great Blue Heron (4)

While some birds avoid people at all costs, some, like that Great Blue Heron, were oblivious to our being there. We watched him for several minutes before we realized he was not a statue.

All in all, it was another great weekend. Now if I could just kick this headache that started tonight.

This Day Was For The Birds!

What an awesome end to an awesome weekend. I uploaded some photos to my flickr page when we got home, and realized I screwed up the upload, so hopefully these will re-upload before this posts.

As reported last night, the kids set their alarms for 8:00 am and sure enough we were all up and ready to go by 9:00 am. We got to the park just after 10:00 and didn’t have to look far before we saw our first bird.

Red Shouldered Hawk

Within the first ten minutes of our arrival, we saw three hawks (Red-Shouldered) and the Bald Eagle. The day couldn’t have started any better.

The Blue Herons were flying back and forth all day, and a few of them came up close to pay us a personal visit.

Great Blue Heron Up Close

We saw Bufflehead, Pied-Billed Grebes, Lesser Scaups, Yellow-Shafted Northen Flickers, Red-Breasted Morgansers, and the Horned Grebe. The Horned Grebe spent a lot of time out on the lake calling someone. No one answered, except us, but he wasn’t listening to a word we said.

Horned Grebe

For the past three years, up until today, we have only seen one Wood Duck at the lake at any one time. Today, we saw two. They flew in together, but one of them was camera shy and turned tail and flew all the way back to the other side of the lake when he saw us.

Wood Duck

The American Coots were everywhere. Forty-three of them to be exact, and they made their presence known. Everytime we approached the lake, they swam to shore and made a stampede to our location. We think someone’s been feeding them. Three weeks ago they wanted nothing to do with us.

American Coot

It didn’t feel like it, but we spent more than 7 hours at the park today. While many of the birds put on a spectacular show,

Red Shouldered Hawk Landing

Many of them were just being butts about the whole thing.

Duck Butts

Most people looked out their window today and saw a dark, foggy, dreary day. That’s too bad. They had no idea what they missed.

The Window


Have a great night!

Saturday Night Special

I took the boys over to Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs today. We had so much fun walking around snapping photos, we didn’t realize we had been there for five hours!

Here are a couple pics I took while we were there.

The Great Blue Heron

More tomorrow…

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Henry David Thoreau