Healing The Hole In Our Hearts

Nine months ago we said goodbye to our devoted friend and family member, Flash.

We vowed that it would be a very long time before we even thought of bringing another puppy into this house, because the pain of losing Flash was just too strong. The last thing we wanted to do was bring another dog into the house to “replace” Flash. He, like all beloved family members, was irreplaceable.

We decided to wait as long as it took. Flash was close to all three of our kids, and they still get sappy thinking about him, so we figured it would be best to wait until they were ready, in their hearts, to welcome another family member into our home.

From the moment we brought Flash home from the breeder, we knew he was hardheaded, but he also had a lot of personality quirks that made us laugh all the time.

He loved to suck thumbs. Not suckle, but actually suck thumbs. He loved to play with feet, all the time. He wouldn’t chew or gnaw at them, but he would prance up to your feet and start pawing at them.

When he would lay down he would stretch one leg out straight behind him, all the time, and when you took him for a walk, he would get part of the leash in his mouth and walk himself. He was quirky, to say the least.

When we lost Flash to bone cancer, we knew we would never have another dog like him. If and when we brought a new dog home he would have some big paws to fill so we just didn’t look. We weren’t ready. The kids weren’t ready.

Then came Chuck.

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