Early this morning we drove over to Conyers, Georgia to visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit for a Sweetwater Camera Club field trip.



The grounds were so quiet and serene, I felt at peace almost immediately. What happened next amazed me.

As you can see in the photograph above, the Abbey is quite beautiful. When you walk through the doors and see the stained glass windows against the concrete, the simplicity of the design stuns you, but there is something there the eye cannot see. While we stood there looking at the beautiful colors in the stained glass against the bare gray concrete, the camera saw something completely different.



This photograph is not altered. While the naked eye sees an immense church built with gray concrete, the camera picks up a beautiful abbey with blue toned supports and an alter that seemed to be be glowing, and growing warmer each minute of our stay.



We strolled down by the lake. We visited the Bonsai shop. We browsed at the book store. All in all it was a wonderful day with my wonderful family, and an enriching experience for all of us.

The “moment” of my day was making the following photograph.



When I saw the simple wooden cross against the bare, concrete wall, I was reminded of the lyrics to “The Eagle Song” by The Imperials.

What human intellect can’t sway
Must be explained this way
Earth wisdom, religions of men
Searched without end to find the spirit house within
Simplicity of God somehow escapes man

Absolutely breathtaking.

Take A Hike. You Might Like It.

Our two oldest boys and I attended our first Audubon Society field trip yesterday at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. We had been up there last week to see some of the birds, and when I checked the schedule we were thrilled to find out there was a field trip scheduled.

The boys are awesome when it comes to spotting birds. If they see it move, twitch, or flutter they are on it with their binoculars very quickly and identification is very quick. With that said, all three of us are not as good when it comes to identifying them by sound. We thought a field trip with experienced birders would help, and it sure did.

The boys had a great time walking 1.2 miles to the top of the mountain, but they began to tire out a bit on the walk back down. Here are some of the photos from yesterday.

Hummingbird In The Nest #1


Yellow Throated Vireo


American Robin


Red Eyed Vireo #1


Summer Tanager #2


Kennesaw Mountain is less than 40 minutes from our house, and the boys were already talking about their next Audubon field trip before we pulled into the driveway. I think it’s safe to say they are quite serious about birding.

Wait until you see what they have planned later this week.

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No Rain On My Parade!

They say, when it rains, it pours. It rained today.

Two days ago we paid almost $600 to get our air conditioner fixed. This morning my wife walked down to the basement to get something from her sewing room and the floor was flooded. It wasn’t a flood of Biblical proportions, and thank God it wasn’t the water heater.

The pump that sits on the floor next to the air conditioning unit was not pumping the condensation outside, and because condensation can only build up so much before it pours over, it poured over onto the floor.

All over the floor.

Several boxes of items were damaged, but the worst damage was to my wife’s art portfolio, which contained all of the sketches, drawings, and paintings she has done over the course of the past thirty years.

All of it is damaged.

After careful examination of the air conditioning unit, and the condensation pump, we realized the pump was not getting power and after running a new power line to it, it works just fine. The condensation can now flow through the pipe and out of the house. Of course, after the rain moved through today the temperature cooled and we won’t need to run the air conditioner again for a few days.

At least it’s ready when the time comes.

Good MedicineOn a normal day, that would be the end of the excitement for the day. Not today it wasn’t.

I forgot until very late this afternoon that the Sweetwater Camera Club meeting was tonight, so we hurried to get some photos ready for the contest, and rushed out the door.

As usual, we had a good time visiting with friends, and the presentation by Kathryn Kolb of Kathryn Kolb Photography, was excellent. She’s an awesome photographer, a wonderful speaker, and a true professional.

The meeting ended on a high-note when I won second place in the field trip category for my photo, “Good Medicine”, which you see here on the left. You can click the image to see the full sized image on my flickr page.

As we pulled into the driveway, I realized my right front headlight is burnt out. My list for tomorrow has already started. Something tells me it’s going to be a long list.

I hope you had a good day!

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