My Head Is Still Spinning

Well, today was a bust. A total bust.

As many of you know, I was laid off from my “day job” back in January of 2009. We were hit hard with the news that I would no longer be employed with the company I had devoted over 10 years to.

At the time I was laid-off I had just started the process of refinancing our home at a lower interest rate. Because of the lay-off, we had a lot of problems with the mortgage company in the first half of 2009. Even though I had been laid off, we did not miss a payment, we were late a couple times, but we were never “behind” more than a couple weeks.

Things finally settled out and the mortgage company got their act together. Phone calls were made (or received) weekly and I can’t tell you how many times they apologized for the delay, telling me they had so many “loan modifications” in the works that everything was backed up from closings on new houses to refinances, and of course, the now infamous government bailouts.

In February of this year (yes, the refinance took that long) everything was settled and our paperwork was processed. I received a package via Fedex with the new loan papers, which I signed and returned via Fedex the same day. Our newly refinanced loan would save us over $150 per month, which was a bit less than we had hoped to save, but more importantly it brought our interest rate down to 5% (almost 2 full points) fixed for 30 years. When you look at the long term, it seemed like a great move on my part, but in the end, it was the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life.

Each month I would make our house payment, then a couple days later I would follow up by logging into the mortgage company’s website to make sure that the payment posted to our account. This month was no different. I logged in, made the payment, and logged out. This month was like every other month before it, until today.

When I logged in today to make sure the payment posted, I couldn’t get into my account. The website was telling me that I did not have a “web enabled” account with the company. I figured it was just a website snafu, but I called anyway, so I could check my balance. What happened next floored me.

I was told that I didn’t have a valid account with them, and that any correspondence had to be done through their attorneys. I was flabbergasted. I just paid the monthly payment three days ago, how could I not have an account with them, surely there was some sort of mix up.

The very polite girl on the phone explained to me that they never received my signed paperwork to initiate the loan re-finance, and because the original loan was no longer valid, I was in default on our mortgage.

I insisted to her that I had been sending payments, and that I had never received anything from them (phone calls, or letters) telling me there was something wrong. As I mentioned above, they called me a couple times each week before the re-finance was finalized, but I haven’t heard a word from them since.

Ms. Polite insisted they never received my paperwork and there was nothing she could do for me. She assured me that if they had received the paperwork everything would be fine, but it appeared to them that I had walked away from the house. Even though I am sitting here tonight looking at my copy of the paperwork (dutifully stamped with “COPY” all over it), they still claim they never received the copy of the paperwork I returned to them (in their own envelope), therefore my loan is now in default.

My head was spinning. Now I understand why people “go postal” on corporations. I asked her a few more questions, to which she simply told me I had to contact the attorneys office, and then Ms. Polite hung up the phone.

I immediately called the attorneys office to ask some questions and gain some insight. It seems my non-existent loan can be “re-instated” if I pay some re-instatement fees (along with attorney fees). How do you “re-instate” a loan they say never existed? The girl at the attorneys office kept referring to April 1, which is the start date of the new loan (you know, the one they now say never existed). I asked her why she kept referring to April 1, and she told me she would have to check with the mortgage company about the date.

So… To state the obvious… The mortgage company cannot tell me anything about the issue because it’s no longer in their hands, but the attorneys office needs to refer to them because something is obviously still in their hands. Huh? Something wasn’t adding up, so I spent the remainder of this afternoon doing some research.

I contacted a few people and sent out some inquiries, and I now know that even though their practices are unethical, even bordering on immoral, they will have legal standing because I have no evidence that I actually sent them my paperwork, I have no evidence they ever received it, and on top of it all, if I took them to court, I would most likely find myself in the same position only with added legal fees on top of it all.

While researching this afternoon, I found that I am not alone. It appears I am not the only one this has happened to. I found a forum where a lot of former customers of this same mortgage company got hit real hard by them as well.

One woman was stuck in refinance, or loan modification, hell for 19 months, only for them to come back and foreclose because of the difference in the payment amount she had been making for those 19 months. She was making the payment they instructed her to make, yet they came back and took her house because the amount she was paying was $400 less during the processing period.

Another gentleman lost his house (without any warning at all) when they pulled the same thing on him that they are doing to me. The only difference is I made that phone call today and got wind of what was going on before they actually sold the house.

As it stands right now, I am waiting on a quote from the attorneys office for the “re-instatement fee” to see if we can stay in our home. The attorneys office told me they had to contact the mortgage company (again, about my now non-existent loan), get the amount from them, then add on their fees (which will most likely amount to closing costs, attorney fees, etc, that go along with a new loan). I was told it would take 48 hours to receive the information via e-mail. They will be sending a letter as well, but with the e-mail I won’t have to wait 4-7 days to get the information.

It’s obvious this is nothing more than a paperwork snafu, but it very well could end up with us losing our home.

Over the course of the past year I have heard horror stories from people who have lost their homes. I’ve heard sob stories from people who claimed their mortgage company sold their house out from under them. And I’ve heard people whine about the unfair lending practices that got people into the mess in the first place.

Until today I thought most of them were just a bunch of crybabies who got in too deep, were trying to milk the system, or were taking advantage of government bailouts. I had no idea the mortgage companies were pulling stunts like this on people who actually worked hard to provide for their family, did everything they could to keep making their payments, and did their best to do the right thing.

Today was a crappy day. How do we know which people are walking away from their existing loans and which people are getting kicked to the curb by the mortgage companies just for the sport of it.

Permission Denied, John Oxendine Style

Why on Earth would anyone believe a word John Oxendine had to say, let alone elect him governor of Georgia?

Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine has denied persistent rumors that he was once the subject of a corruption investigation. But newly obtained documents show that the Republican gubernatorial front-runner was indeed the focus of a state probe that was later referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

John Oxendine has denied that he was once the subject of a corruption investigation. I don’t know what reality he lives in, but here in the real world, truth carries more weight than words. How can you deny you were the subject of a corruption investigation, yet refuse access to the files the federal government compiled in the case?

There’s some evidence the feds also pursued the case, but Oxendine has refused the AJC’s request to authorize the newspaper’s access to any file the federal government may have compiled.

The mere fact he is denying permission to access files pertaining to the investigation completely contradicts his earlier statements that there was no investigation.

It does not take an investigation to demonstrate that John Oxendine is nothing but a liar.

Every Georgia voter needs to remember John Oxendine’s own words when they head to the voting booth on July 20th.

A Nation In Suspense

Are you wondering why you haven’t seen more photos of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Why hasn’t the media been showing you the latest videos of the clean up effort?

Take a look at this video from Anderson Cooper and CNN.


It doesn’t get much bigger or more disastrous than the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the fact that the press is no longer allowed to report this story means there is a bigger and much more disastrous story brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since when is it permissible to suspend the First Amendment?

Barack Obama has been manipulating the media since he took office. There is no excuse for this, and we, the American people, should be ashamed of ourselves for letting him get away with this kind of bullshit.

How many of our freedoms will we willingly part with until we take a stand? How far will we allow the government to go in stripping us of our rights before we say enough is enough? How many gallons of crude oil must leak before the most dangerous administration in our nation’s history is called out for their actions?

Enough is enough.

Day # 70: The Flow Of Oil Continues

Take one busy day, add several errands to the mix, and stir it all with a small dose of spotty DSL service and you get one very quick post this evening.

The never ending flow of oil coming from the DeepWater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico coupled with the never ending flow of incompetence coming from the Obama administration in Washington, D.C. is producing the single worst catastrophe the United States has ever seen.


While I take the night off, read the following links. You may find them quite interesting.

The Well From Hell – An interesting read which touches on each of the scenarios that people have been speculating about.

Panic Brews – Sometimes silence is not golden. In fact, right now silence is fueling speculation that there is much, much, more to the story.

Saturday Summary

I have several thoughts I want to write about that cannot wait until my next Thursday Thoughts post. Maybe I’ll start doing a “Saturday Summary” each week to summarize some more thoughts since they don’t always come to me by Thursday each week.

Thought #1

Are people really surprised when allegations of wrongdoing are brought against John Oxendine? Really?

11Alive News has learned the University of Georgia Office of Legal Affairs is weighing its options on the Oxendine campaign’s use of school trademarks.

Republican candidate for Governor John Oxendine has been featuring the Georgia “G” and use of the word, “Dawgs” on stickers, banners and campaign signs.

The article states that many campaigns are using the logo, but 11alive chose only to post an example of Oxendine’s use. Interesting. Are they trying to make it sound like it’s excusable because “everyone is doing it” or were they trying to make an example of Ox?

Either way, it’s wrong, and he should stop using the logo.

Thought #2

The last person we need in any elected position is a lobbyist, no matter whether they are ethical or not.

Conservative Republican candidate Darwin Carter of Alma, Georgia on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 has filed an ethics complaint against CEO/Lobbyist Gary Black for failure to disclose the use of his office as CEO/Lobbyist for the Georgia Agribusiness Council (not-for-profit) to run for Commissioner of Agriculture. Additionally, Carter charges that Black’s lobbying firm, Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) is a nonprofit 501c6 corporation and according to the IRS, should pay taxes on their extensive partisan political work.

These are some serious allegations. It doesn’t matter to me if he is guilty or not, I don’t trust lobbyists anyway.

Thought #3

Jan Brewer is an awesome governor. She never hesitates to tell it like it is.


Thought #4

There are 2000 oil skimmers in the United States. 20 of them are in use right now in the Gulf of Mexico. The fact that we are not utilizing every resource to contain this spill shows just how negligent the Obama administration has been since this disaster began.


17 countries have offered help 21 times since the DeepWater Horizon rig exploded in April. Every offer of assistance has been turned down. In addition to being the most negligent administration in the history of the United States, it is also the most destructive. Had these offers of help been accepted from day one, we wouldn’t have oil seeping 6-inches into the beaches along the Gulf shore, hundreds if not thousands of birds wouldn’t be dying, and the economy of the southern gulf states wouldn’t be in shambles.

The Obama administration truly is an abomination.

More Mainstream Media Malarkey

I couldn’t help but laugh at the headline I read this evening.

GOP Gubernatorial Primary: The Fight for Second Place

There are a few problems with polls like this. They didn’t reveal their sample information in the article. Who did they poll? Were the respondents all Republican? How was the poll presented? Did they ask “Who are you going to vote for in the July 20 primary?” or did they ask a loaded question, such as “Who do you think has the best chance of winning the July 20 primary?”

These are important questions, because, to be honest, I don’t believe the poll.

I have spoken to many people about the upcoming election too. I don’t have exact numbers, but I would estimate I have spoken to at least 300 people. I have no idea if they were Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, libertarian, or independent voters. Yes, I know I listen Libertarian twice, some of you will get it.

At least half of the people I have spoken with said they will NOT vote for John Oxendine, Nathan Deal, or Karen Handel. Many of them said we don’t need any more career politician, even in the Governor’s Mansion.

No matter which poll you believe, John Oxendine is only ahead in the polls because he’s been at the forefront of Georgia politics for so many years. When it comes time to actually case that vote, I don’t think the majority of Georgia voters will give him their vote in the July 20 primary.

And now, I would like to make a couple comments about the article…

“A solid second, I feel good about that,” Karen Handel said of the latest 11Alive News / V-103 poll.

If Karen Handel is willing to settle for second place, why should we elect her to the #1 position in this state?

We asked Handel if Deal is maintaining strength by running to her right.

“I haven’t really seen that,” said Handel.  “I see people fed up with the same old career politicians with the kind of ethics trouble that frankly John Oxendine has, and that Nathan Deal has.”

Karen Handel hasn’t held office as long as Oxendine or Deal, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a career politician. As one of the “100 Most Influential Political Leaders In Georgia” she can hardly make the case that she is a “fresh face” in the race for Governor of Georgia.

Her own biography states that she served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Marilyn Quayle during the Bush-Quayle years, Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Sonny Perdue, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and Georgia Secretary of State. For those of you looking for a “fresh face”, please remember that the Bush-Quayle years were 1989 through 1993. Karen Handel has been working in politics of some sort for twenty-one years.

If I spent 21 years working in a particular field, someone might say that I made a career of it. Oh wait. Would you look at that? I have!!

So who is the best choice for Governor? Once you eliminate “career politicians” and those with ethics complaints against them, the field is much smaller, and much smarter.

In another article, John Oxendine makes one of the most bizarre statements ever.

There’s always allegations,” Oxendine said.

Really? Now we know what’s wrong with career politicians, don’t we?