Numbers Don’t Lie

The same cannot be said for the White House.

The White House has made the claim that Fox News is not a real news organization, and some people in the mainstream media have jumped on that bandwagon like a swarm of locusts attacking a corn field.

No matter what you think of FOX News, the truth is, people watch the network. A lot of people watch the network. According to Nielsen Media Research, FOX News is slaying their competition. On Tuesday, October 20, more people watched FOX News from 5pm to 11pm than CNN, MSNBC, and HLN combined.

There’s a reason people are watching FOX News, and it has everything to do with the fact that they are tired of being spoon fed news and information that has a bias slant or has been sanitized and approved by the White House. This phenomenon is not limited to cable news channels either. Conservative talk radio show ratings are also much higher than any of their counterparts in the industry.

I find it interesting that the White House, with everything else going on in the world and all of the problems that we as citizens are facing, has found the time to attack FOX News. Of course it all makes sense when you realize that most of the other major media outlets are still depending on the White House for feedings and diaper changes.

It’s clear that the White House wants to control the news media and the information that is made available to you, but today, House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-IN) spoke out on the House floor about that media bias and made it clear to everyone why the White House is so upset with FOX News.


So to my friends in the so-called mainstream media, I say, conservative talk show hosts may not speak for everybody but they speak for more Americans than you do.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Phony, The PlayBook, And The Performance

After an absence last month because the kids were all sick, we attended the Sweetwater Camera Club meeting tonight. Of course, we had a blast like we always do. It was good to see everyone, and we look forward to the annual bbq on Saturday! Yum!

I went to the dentist yesterday and on Monday I have to go back to get a couple teeth pulled. I could be the national poster child for the ‘How Not To Take Care of Your Teeth When You Are Young’ campaign.

Anyway, here are some thoughts tonight, before I take a pain pill. (Imagine how fun it would be to post after taking them).

Thought #1

President Obama said he was willing to meet with Republicans in Congress to discuss health care. It turns out that was just another lie. Rather than refusing to meet with them, he just doesn’t respond to their requests in the first place.

Gingrey said a dozen GOP House doctors requested a meeting with Obama last month to discuss health care — but got no response.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Gingrey said he didn’t know that wearing a white coat was a requirement to meet with the president.

“If these voices are not enough to get his attention” Gingrey said, “my white coat will.”

Gingrey — who stood next to a large photo of White House aides handing out white coats to the doctors — held his medical smock in the air on the House floor.

Rep. Phil Gingrey is my representative in Congress. Over the past few years I have voiced my concerns to him, and he has responded each and every time, even when I write to him about the most benign issues. Gingrey is the real deal. The same cannot be said about our President.

Thought #2

Indoctrination and propaganda at its finest.

I haven’t looked into this story too much, but it’s clear that the Ron Clark Academy subscribes to the same playbook as many other schools.

How desperate are you to further your cause that you feel the need to brainwash children and use them to spread your message?

Thought #3

Word has it that the leadership of the House and Senate have a plan to pass health care reform by performing a four part act that could very well railroad the bill through the Senate. From there it’s only one step away from the President’s desk.

The final step in this plan is for the House to take up Obama care, without amending the legislation, and then sending that bill directly to the President for his signature.

Head over to the Heritage Foundation and read the entire plan.