Let’s Go Birding!

Today was the official start of the 5th Annual Youth Birding Competition. The boys have spent the past three months waiting for this trip. By waiting, I mean asking me if today is the day, marking the day off on their calendar, checking all of their birding equipment (field guides, binoculars, spotting scopes), and asking if we can “practice” a bit before the big day.

We’ve practiced the past several weeks, taking small trips to locations on the weekends, getting them acclimated to quick identification. We’ve spent time at Carter’s Lake, the Bartow County Loop, Tanner State Park, Sweetwater Creek State Park, West Point Dam, and every place in-between those locations.

Well, after just three hours of birding today (the competition started at 5:00 pm), the three boys spotted and identified 54 species of birds.

Black And White Warbler


Blue-Headed Vireo


Orchard Oriole


We started the competition up at Fort Mountain State Park and worked our way down to the dam at Carter’s Lake. We spent some time below the dam, in the sparrow field, and over at the lower re-regulation dam. Before it got too late, we made our way back down to the Bartow County Loop, where they have been “practicing”.

The best part of the day, was the fact that all I had to do was drive. It was their job to spot the birds and identify them.

Tomorrow is going to be a much longer day, as we have to get up early so we can begin our day down at West Point Dam. I’ll post more when we return tomorrow night.

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Mid-Week Bird Report

We found ourselves in North Georgia today, so we did some birding along the way. We ran into Darlene Moore up in Taylorsville looking for the American Golden Plovers. The plovers eluded us for two days, but we’ll catch up with them soon.

Later in the day we ran into Joshua Spence as we arrived at Carter’s Lake. It was nice meeting him, and we look forward to birding with him sometime in the future.

Here are a couple photos of some birds we saw.

Tree Swallow


Red-Winged Blackbird


Navy Jet


Chances are we’ll be heading back up to Carter’s Lake again soon. There is so much to see up there, and it’s so quiet that it makes a nice quick getaway with the family.

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