Coming In 2010: Hope & Change

I am so happy 2010 is here. All that ‘hope’ and ‘change’ that Barack Obama promised us will come this year, I know it will. I doubt it will come in the form he promised all his minions, but it is definitely coming.

In his radio address today, President Obama shed some light on the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day.

“We’re learning more about the suspect,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address that the White House released on Saturday as the president vacationed in Hawaii.

“We know that he traveled to Yemen, a country grappling with crushing poverty and deadly insurgencies. It appears that he joined an affiliate of al-Qaida, and that this group — al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula — trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for America,” the president said.

It took President Obama eight days to confirm that al-Qaeda was responsible for the foiled Underoo bombing attack on Christmas day, even though al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia had already claimed responsibility.

It took him eight days to state the obvious because he was afraid of being perceived as weak in the fight against terror, yet when the Afghan Taliban attacked a CIA base on Wednesday, it took him just two days to acknowledge the attack on the CIA. Talk about being weak in the fight against terror.

It appears Barack Obama inexperience and amateurishness has just started bonfires on the bridges connecting him to the American intelligence community and delivered a huge, HUGE psychological win to Al Qaeda.

President Obama pondered calling out al-Qaeda for eight days because he didn’t want to step on any toes in Yemen, but he didn’t even blink an eye to acknowledge the attack that took place on Wednesday, revealing not only that the CIA was involved in activities on that base but also acknowledging that the attack had an impact on the CIA.

Al-Qaeda leaders are making it clear they are more confident in their conversations with the press.

“We attacked this base because the team there was organizing drone strikes in Loya Paktia and surrounding area,” the commander said, referring to the area around Khost, the city where the U.S. facility was attacked. The commander, a prominent member of the Afghan insurgency, spoke on the condition of anonymity.

If President Obama hadn’t acknowledged the CIA presence on the base al-Qaeda (and everyone else) wouldn’t have had a clue, but thanks to him the secret is out and more lives are in jeopardy.

I’m sure al-Qaeda is using his own words in the recruitment efforts at this very moment.

The Inadequate And Time Limited Surge

On August 30th of this year, Gen. Stanley McChrystal sent an assessment on the war in Afghanistan as well as a request for more troops to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. By the third week in September he had received no response to his request.

The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan warns in an urgent, confidential assessment of the war that he needs more forces within the next year and bluntly states that without them, the eight-year conflict “will likely result in failure,” according to a copy of the 66-page document obtained by The Washington Post.

It took 93 days for the Obama Administration to make the decision. Yet, in the President’s speech on Afghanistan last night, President Barack Obama said,

As your Commander-in-Chief, I owe you a mission that is clearly defined, and worthy of your service. That is why, after the Afghan voting was completed, I insisted on a thorough review of our strategy. Let me be clear: there has never been an option before me that called for troop deployments before 2010, so there has been no delay or denial of resources necessary for the conduct of the war.

There might have been no denial of resources, since Gen. McChrystal did state that he needed more forces within the next year, but there was definitely a delay in the decision regarding the number of troops that would be sent.

In 1991, Operation Desert Storm took just 42 days. In 2001, our response following the attacks on September 11th took 26 days. In 2003, our troops took Baghdad in 21 days.

It took President Obama 93 days to make the decision to send additional troops to Afghanistan. The troops will be sent over the course of the next six months and then they can focus on doing the job they will be sent to do. President Obama doesn’t seem to understand the concept of time, and it appears he thinks he has the luxury of time on his side.

In his request, Gen. McChrystal asked for more than 40,000 additional troops to help him accomplish his goal and warned that failure to provide adequate resources could very well result in mission failure.

Toward the end of his report, McChrystal revisits his central theme: “Failure to provide adequate resources also risks a longer conflict, greater casualties, higher overall costs, and ultimately, a critical loss of political support. Any of these risks, in turn, are likely to result in mission failure.”

President Obama specifically chose Gen. McChrystal for this mission, and you might think that he would allow the man to do his job, and support the decisions he makes in the field. But he doesn’t. Instead he is sending just 30,000 additional troops to fill Gen. McChrystal’s request.

This review is now complete. And as Commander-in-Chief, I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. After 18 months, our troops will begin to come home. These are the resources that we need to seize the initiative, while building the Afghan capacity that can allow for a responsible transition of our forces out of Afghanistan.

It’s bad enough he is sending far less manpower than was requested, but in the statement above he also announced to the enemy when we would be pulling out. You can’t win a battle without adequate troop levels and you can’t win a war if you tell your enemy when you plan to leave the battlefield.

The President’s speech last night felt fake, was long winded, and it was very disappointing. He whined and lied about the previous administration (again).

It’s time for President Obama to realize that Afghanistan is his war now and we won’t delay when holding him accountable for his actions, or the lack thereof.

On a side note:

While referring to the President’s speech on Afghanistan last night, Chris Matthews said the United States Military Academy at West Point was the “enemy camp”.

The mindset of those on the far left side of the aisle never ceases to amaze me.

Three Thoughts. Three Failures. One President.

Today was a fun day. I had to take two of the boys to the doctor to confirm they have poison ivy again. It seems the dog decided to play in the wooded area and then came into the house and hugged on the boys. Fun schtuff I tell you. Okay, not really, but once the Prednisone kicks in they should be fine.

Thought #1

Many months ago Gen. Stanley McChrystal requested 40,000 troops for the war in Afghanistan. Six days ago, a source at the Pentagon was sure that the President would be sending 34,000 troops.

According to several sources, the number of troops is now just 30,000. who knows what the number will be tomorrow, but it’s clear that President Obama’s own delay is cutting more than 660 troops per day.

Thought #2

Is the Obama administration thinking of allowing our soldiers to be prosecuted for war crimes?

Team Obama may allow US soldiers to be tried in the Hague for war crimes. The Wall Street Journal reported, via Jihad Watch:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed “great regret” in August that the U.S. is not a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC). This has fueled speculation that the Obama administration may reverse another Bush policy and sign up for what could lead to the trial of Americans for war crimes in The Hague.

Another failed policy from the The Failed One®.

Thought #3

Global warming (aka climate change) is a serious issue. This past week, the data which served as the very foundation for the entire man-made climate change argument was debunked.

Do we have an impact on climate change? We can’t be sure now, because those who were responsible for the research tossed the raw data. That’s right. The very scientists who were arguing that man-made global warming exists simply destroyed the data which, if they were telling the truth, would have supported their argument.

In light of these events, you would think people might start waking up, but that simply is not the case.

There is “virtually no possibility” of a few scientists biasing the advice given to governments by the UN’s top global warming body, its chair said today.

Even Carol Browner, the White House “Climate Change Czar” doesn’t seem to care that these scientists were fudging numbers and lying to the entire world.

Ms. Browner initially shrugged when asked about the e-mails, saying she didn’t have a reaction. But when a reporter followed up, she said she will stick with the consensus of the 2,500 climate scientists on the International Panel on Climate Change who concluded global warming is happening and is most likely being pushed by human actions.

It looks like it’s going to take a lot more than evidence and the truth to convince anyone in the White House that they have been duped. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated,

“There’s no real scientific basis for the dispute of this (climate change)”

There is no real scientific basis supporting global warming either. Not any more. The scientists threw away the data, and even if they hadn’t, it appears that the data simply did not support their argument anyway (which is probably the reason they tossed the data in the first place).

Public, Pots, Pelosi, & PussyFooting

Everyone’s feeling better around here, with the exception of the middle child. He’s always the last to get the crud as it makes its way through the house, but he’s also the quickest to recover too, so he should be back up to speed about the same time as everyone else.

I’ve got a lot on my plate again this week, but it’s nothing I can’t handle or I am going to complain about. Here are my thoughts for tonight.

Thought #1

Not even votes for the “government option”?

The House Dem leadership has conducted its preliminary whip count and has tallied up less than 200 likely Yes votes in support of a health care reform bill with a robust public option, well short of the 218 needed for passage, according to an internal whip count document I’ve obtained.

We’ll see. I still think they are going to attempt to ram it through, regardless of the government option or other amendments.

Thought #2

President Obama has unveiled yet another “plan” which further erodes capitalism in the United States.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp would have authority to unwind large firms whose failure could threaten the overall economy, said the TV business news channel.

“Resolution authority,” or empowering the government to deal with large troubled firms that are not banks, is crucial to reforming financial regulation, lawmakers and Obama have said for months since last year’s severe financial crisis.

Since when should any “authority” in the United States posess the power to “unwind” large firms? The free market does that when the company dies. Each time he puts his fingers in the pot he adds ingredients that are sure to spoil the whole thing.

Thought #3

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like to be asked questions about the Constitution, unless they are serious.

When asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday where the Constitution authorized Congress to order Americans to buy health insurance–a mandate included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill–Pelosi dismissed the question by saying: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Yes, she’s serious. In other words she had no idea. She doesn’t want you to have any idea either.

Thought #4

Speaking of Nanny State Nancy, it seems someone from the House of Representatives was researching some information yesterday.

Someone using the Internet from within the walls of the House of Representatives did a Google search for “nobel peace prize” and “consent of congress”.

I don’t know if I should be proud that a House member is using my site as reference for information on a very important piece of the U.S. Constitution, or scared that a House member had to resort to Google and my site to find otu what the U.S. Consitution says.

Either way, I am glad they stopped by because at least I know someone is doing something up there on the Hill. If they’re researching information I’m glad I could help.

Thought #5

It seems President Obama wasn’t talking about any health care bill when he spoke to the joint session of Congress.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D.-Mich.) told that President Barack Obama told him in a telephone conversation that when he said in his Sept. 9 speech to a joint session of Congress that “under our plan no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions” he was not talking about the actual bill drafted in the House but about the president’s own health care plan—which has never been written.

“I don’t know if it is a game of semantics or what,” Stupak said of Obama’s nationally televised declaration to Congress that the health-care plan will not allow federal funding of abortion.

Ooooh. The health care plan which has never been written. Wait. Doesn’t that apply to many different pieces of non-legislation which the Senate and House will be voting on soon?

Thought #6

The war in Afghanistan is President Obama’s war now. Because he has pussy footed around and hesitated in following General McChrystal’s recommendation for more troops, more of our service members have died.

While Obama continues to dither, American lives continue to be lost. As 8 more American troops were killed in two separate bomb attacks today in southern Afghanistan, this officially makes October 2009 the deadliest month of the war for U.S. forces since the start of the Afghan war in 2001.

Thanks Mr. President, it’s all on you now.

It’s A Chain Of Command

Let’s say you work for a huge corporation. Let’s also say that you were tasked to complete a project, but lacked the proper tools to do so. Let’s also say your requests for those tools was constantly ignored. How would you make sure you got the tools you needed to perform your job duties? Which would you do?

(a) keep wasting paper and keep making the requests.
(b) notify someone else in the company, so the request would get noticed, and filled.
(c) stick your head in the sand, pack your belongings and find a new job.

It turns out we’re not talking about a corporation, we’re talking about America. The project is the war in Afghanistan, and you are General Stanley McChrystal. President Obama ignored his requests and met with him just once in the past 70 days, so he took his request to someone else in the company, the American people.

Nancy Pelosi believes he should just shut up already.

“Let me say this about about General McChrystal, with all due respect,” Pelosi said, according to a transcript sent my way by a Pelosi aide. “His recommendations to the president should go up the line of command. They shouldn’t be in press conferences.”

First of all, Nancy, it’s a chain of command, not a line. If anyone knows about chains, it’s you, so get your terminology right. Secondly, Gen. McChrystal’s request via the “press conference” got the attention the situation needed and now discussions are being held. There is no debate, Gen. McChrystal is doing everything he can to win the war in Afghanistan, and he did everything he could to get the attention of the President to make sure that happened.

You may prefer to live your life with your head in the sand, Mrs. Pelosi, but our soldiers can’t afford that luxury. So the next time a General speaks out about military matters of which you have absolutely no experience, would you kindly take your recommendations up the chain of command and shut the hell up already?