Well, That Went Well…

Our heads finally hit the pillows around 3:30 yesterday morning. While my preparations for dinner were right on time, we had a few delays getting some things wrapped, and planning the reveal of ‘The Kitty’. We set our alarm for 7:00 am so we could get her into her spacious kennel and get her ready […]

Goose Meets Gander

Yesterday, there was an article in the Times-Georgian newspaper (our county newspaper) which announced a new web site to help local consumers and farmers. The article did a nice job informing the local community about the new website which is designed to help consumers find local farms so they can buy local and support the […]

I Have A Voice!

I am so happy I didn’t have to wake up before the sun came up today. Chuck did really good throughout the night and he did quite well all day too. The stitches are aggravating him, as expected, but he’s not licking the incision too much, and it’s healing nicely. I got a call from […]

Taking Care Of Ol’ One-Eye

Exhaustion. A simple word that usually takes a lot of activity to produce, but not necessarily. I woke up at 6:45 this morning to take Chuck, the One-Eyed Wonder Dog, to the West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic. As I got ready to leave, he was following me around the house, until he saw me grab […]

Up To My Ears In… Pizza!

Today was another great day. My sister, Kathy, decided to take a vacation and drive down from Kentucky for the fourth of July weekend. We haven’t seen her since the holidays so the kids were excited all day that she was coming. To occupy their time, we took them to pick up some custom made […]

Sleeping In

I slept in today. I really slept in. I didn’t wake up until 12:30. Chuck woke me up at 8:15 to go out and everyone else was asleep, so I climbed back into bed. I don’t remember hearing anything from 8:15 til I woke up at 12:30. I never do that. We spent part of […]