At What Point Do We Say, Enough!?!

If you have not been following the Charlie Gard case in England, you may be surprised by the turn events in that case. You see… Charlie Gard is a 10-month old child who will be put to death tomorrow because the government of England has ruled that he does not possess the right to life and he is not worth saving.

This has been in the news lately, no not the news you have probably been watching where politicians spend all their time fighting over policies they themselves will never truly enforce and for budgets they know they will not keep. This news is real news, not fake news. The value of human dignity and human life is real for every human being, not just those who the media portrays as worthy.

You can find out more about Charlie Gard by searching his name on Google, but I wanted to point out two quotes you should read regarding authorities and medical “experts” who are,

entrusted with the responsibility of extending the authority of physicians, to be designated by name, so that patients who, after a most critical diagnosis, on the basis of human judgment, are considered incurable, can be granted mercy death.


concluded, on the basis of extensive, high-quality expert evidence, that it was most likely Charlie was being exposed to continued pain, suffering and distress and that undergoing experimental treatment with no prospects of success would offer no benefit, and continue to cause him significant harm.

Oh wait, my bad. That first quote was a statement from Adolf Hitler in reference to Reich Leader Bouhler and Dr. Brandt back in 1939.

Yeah, now maybe you get it.

A society that fails to remember history is doomed to repeat it.

May God save us all.