An Amoris Laetita Round Up.

The following links represent the articles I have spent the better part of this past week digesting. The issues raised by Amoris Laetita are important to me, as a Catholic, so I thought it would be prudent to share them here. I tried to group some of them by website, as well as topical content. If you do not have time to read them all, skip down to the last link, it will be worth your time!

A realistic look at Amoris Laetita:

Critics of ‘Amoris’ need to look at concrete cases

A ‘hypothetical’ case for applying the guidelines of Amoris Laetita:

A case study in communion for the divorced/remarried

American canonist Edward Peters responds to the above mentioned ‘hypothetical’ case:

Conscience can’t be the final arbiter on who gets Communion

Cardinal Burke’s contrasts concerns about political repercussions and final judgment:

Cardinal Burke: On dubia, I’m more concerned about Last Judgment than losing my title

A disastrous decision from the Bishops of Malta that seems to be pushing the application of Amoris Laetita to an extreme:

The Maltese Disaster

An interview with Cardinal Caffarra, on the care with which the four cardinals approached the matter of writing the dubia:

Cardinal Carlo Caffarra Reverently Breaks His Silence on the Dubia

A compassionate, heartfelt, and succinct interview with Bishop Schneider, who not only offers hope, but consolation in the fact that God in His omnipotence permits this crisis in order to bring out a greater good.

Bishop Schneider Offers Hope Amidst Crisis Permitted by “Divine Providence”

While offering a compassionate, and encouraging set of responses, Bishop Schneider also makes one thing clear.

To admit the so called divorced and remarried persons, who have no serious intention in stopping their adulterous acts, to Holy Communion, is against Divine law.