Say What?!?

Abp. Ganswein says “No Proof” God Exists

[Interviewer:] If someone were to ask you: Your Excellency, prove to me that God exists. What would you answer him?

[Ganswein:] There is neither proof that God exists, nor is there proof that God does not exist. Faith does not operate based on [rational] proof. Faith lives by witnesses and witnessing. If I am convinced by a witness and by what he says, then this sets [faith] ablaze. Everything else does not lead to faith but remains outside of faith. This is true also, and especially, in our times.

When I read this article, I was dumbfounded. Granted, his answer may seem “acceptable” to some people, but the truth is, it is a slap in the face when it comes to Catholic Faith.

The First Vatican Council in the late 1800’s made it clear in the document Dei Filius that the existence of God is supported through reason. The council also admonishes those who disregard their roll in the church and her teachings.

Therefore We, fulfilling the duty of our supreme pastoral office, entreat, by the mercies of Jesus Christ, and, by the authority of the same our God and Savior, We command, all the faithful of Christ, and especially those who are set over others or are charged with the office of instruction, that they earnestly and diligently apply themselves to ward off and eliminate these errors from the Holy Church, and to spread the light of pure faith.

And since it is not sufficient to shun heretical depravity, unless those errors also be diligently avoided which more or less nearly approach it, We admonish all men of the further duty of observing those constitutions and decrees by which such erroneous opinions as are not here specifically enumerated, have been proscribed and condemned by this Holy See.

It seems Archbishop Ganswein may need a refresher course on the dogmatic constitution of the Catholic faith.