Still Waiting…

Thursday morning I awoke to the sounds of email arriving on my phone. Apparently, one of my friends on Facebook reported my “work” account as a fake, or spoofed, account. I immediately responded to Facebook’s inquiry, sending them proof of my identity to verify that the account was indeed, not fake. It took nearly 8 hours for Facebook to restore my “work” account, but in doing so they removed my “personal” account. Yes, the very account I have had for nearly ten years was disabled immediately after providing evidence that my “work” account was genuine. Again, I responded to Facebook immediately, with proof of my identity.

I am still waiting.

It has been 72 hours since they disabled my “personal” account. I have sent two inquiries to Facebook, one on Thursday as I mentioned, and then a follow-up on Saturday. I have had no response yet. While I wait, features that are accessible in the mobile apps I have out there, as well thousands of photos, conversations, comments, memes, and other interesting content is in limbo. I pray this gets resolved soon, as I really do not want to “start from scratch”.

An Abstract Photo From Instagram

The altar at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Cedartown, Georgia. #altar #catholic #abstract #prisma #religion #faith #beauty #worship


My Thought For The Day – Human Dignity & Politics

Being without sin, casting the first stone, and passing judgment on others has nothing to do with the politicization of human dignity.

The dignity of each human being is the foundation of the moral vision for our society and the measure of each individual, and institution, is whether they threaten or enhance the dignity of the human person.

Once we permit ourselves, or our politicians, to erode the basic respect for human dignity, we place other things, and other topics, above the importance of human dignity, above the value of others.

If we do not stand up for the dignity of every individual, and the value of that dignity, who are we as a people?