Returning to Facebook…

As most of my friends already know, on Thursday morning last week my work account was disabled because someone reported it as a fake, or “spoof” account. When I verified it was a real account, Facebook then disabled the personal account I have had for more than 7 years, thereby removing all of my photos, all of our conversations, everything.

I waited a week, with two reports still “open” on Facebook’s end, with absolutely NO resolution, in fact, other than one response (107 hours afer reporting the issue) that said I needed to report the issue through “another channel” I have had no response from them at all.

So, here I am. I am back with a new account. If Facebook responds, and restores my previous account, I will be disabling this one to avoid anyone thinking that I am in any way, “fake”.

Now, to start adding friends again… Where do I begin?