Still Waiting…

Thursday morning I awoke to the sounds of email arriving on my phone. Apparently, one of my friends on Facebook reported my “work” account as a fake, or spoofed, account. I immediately responded to Facebook’s inquiry, sending them proof of my identity to verify that the account was indeed, not fake. It took nearly 8 hours for Facebook to restore my “work” account, but in doing so they removed my “personal” account. Yes, the very account I have had for nearly ten years was disabled immediately after providing evidence that my “work” account was genuine. Again, I responded to Facebook immediately, with proof of my identity.

I am still waiting.

It has been 72 hours since they disabled my “personal” account. I have sent two inquiries to Facebook, one on Thursday as I mentioned, and then a follow-up on Saturday. I have had no response yet. While I wait, features that are accessible in the mobile apps I have out there, as well thousands of photos, conversations, comments, memes, and other interesting content is in limbo. I pray this gets resolved soon, as I really do not want to “start from scratch”.