Honestly, I Have Made My Decision

It is no secret that I do not support either of the main party candidates, and some of you have asked why I would support Gary Johnson, given his libertarian positions… Well, I think his interview with Chris Matthews reveals one of the many reasons why I support Gary Johnson…

“Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson struggled to name a single foreign leader when asked who his favorite was during an MSNBC town hall Wednesday night.”

Wait. What? He cannot recall the name of a single foreign leader during an interview and THAT supports my own reasons for voting for him? How could that be?

Well, on any given day I could point out that Hillary Clinton is not the best choice for President of the United States because of her past decisions as Secretary of State, her experiences as First Lady, and her own words spoken in the past.

I could also point out that Donald Trump is equally unfit to serve as President of the United States because of his past decisions in business, his experiences as a candidate for this office, and his own words spoken in the past.

The one thing they both have in common, is misleading voters into believing they are fit to serve in this office, and lying to the American people when they are confronted with truths they do not wish to admit. Both of them have done this several times, live, on camera, in front of the American people. This is one commonality that they share equally, and we as responsible voters should not allow them to deny. Hillary Clinton is a liar, her words are on record. Donald Trump is a liar, his words are on record.

Whether you support a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, an independent, or some other candidate, you have to remember that budgets, fiscal policies, foreign policies, national laws, and all the other decisions that come with being President are influenced, controlled, and manipulated by many different people, but honesty is owned by the person sitting in that chair, at that time.

I would prefer to have a President who I can trust. I would prefer to have a President who tells me the truth when I need to hear it. I would prefer a President who would rather look stupid on television because he or she could not remember the name of a foreign leader and rely on his or her Vice-President to help them remember, than one who would prefer to mislead me into believing his or her falsehoods just to make themselves look good on television. In fact, that is why the President of the United States has a Cabinet, advisors, and secretaries. I would prefer a President who is a good leader, and sometimes being a good leader means relying on the suggestions and guidance of those assisting you rather than “saving face” to make you appear more powerful.

If a candidate cannot tell the truth about the simplest of things, why should we expect them to tell us the truth when we need to hear it? And that my friends, is one of the many reasons I still support Gary Johnson for President of the United States.

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