Seventy-Four Years Ago…

At dawn on December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor In Hawaii.

Anxious to maintain their military and economic power in the region the Japanese planned to cripple the U.S. fleet which would then allow them to attack the Philippines and Indo-China without opposition and acquire the raw materials they needed to maintain their position.

Several ships were sunk or damaged, the U.S.S. Oklahoma capsized, and the U.S.S. Arizona was completely destroyed. More than 2,300 Americans died in the attack.

The next day President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed a joint session of Congress, which declared war against Japan, and the United States officially entered World War II. The Japanese had no idea they were awakening a sleeping giant. December 7th, 1941 truly was a date which would live in infamy.

James Bradley, whose father was one of those who raised the flag on Iwo Jima, has studied the war and the reason Japan attacked us in the first place.

In a secret presidential cable to Tokyo, in July 1905, Roosevelt approved the Japanese annexation of Korea and agreed to an “understanding or alliance” among Japan, the United States and Britain “as if the United States were under treaty obligations.” The “as if” was key: Congress was much less interested in North Asia than Roosevelt was, so he came to his agreement with Japan in secret, an unconstitutional act.

Bradley’s op-ed in the New York Times is an excellent read for anyone who wants to know the real reason that Japan decided to attack us the way they did.

Take a moment today to remember all of those who died on that December morning in 1941.

Those Who Fell At Pearl Harbor:

AARON, Hubert Charles Titus, ABERCROMBIE, Samuel Adolphus, ADAMS, Jesse Leroy, ADAMS, John Kalauwae, ADAMS, Joseph Kanehoa, ADAMS, Robert Franklin, ADKINS, Howard Lucas, ADKINS, Marvin Birch, ADKISON, James Dillion, AGOLA, Mathew Joe, AGOLA, Mathew Joe, AGUIRRE, Reyner Aceves, AGUON, Gregorio San N., AHERN, Richard James, AKINA, August, ALBANESE, Salvatore J., ALBEROVSKY, Francis Severin, ALBRIGHT, Galen Winston, ALDRIDGE, Thomas Elwood, ALDRIDGE, Willard Henry, ALEXANDER, Elvis Author, ALEXANDER, Hugh R., ALLEN, Eric Jr., ALLEN, Moses Anderson, ALLEN, Robert G., ALLEN, Robert Lee, ALLEN, Stanley W., ALLEN, Thomas Benton, ALLEN, William Clayborn, ALLEN, William Lewis, ALLEY, Jay Edgar, ALLISON, Andrew K., ALLISON, Hal Jake, ALLISON, J. T., ALOIS, Ralph, ALTEN, Ernest Mathew, AMON, Frederick Purdy, AMUNDSON, Leo DeVere, ANDERSON, Arnold Leo, ANDERSON, Charles Titus, ANDERSON, Delbert Jake, ANDERSON, Donald William, ANDERSON, Garland C., ANDERSON, Harry, ANDERSON, Howard Taisey, ANDERSON, Irwin Corinthis, ANDERSON, James Pickins Jr., ANDERSON, Lawrence Donald, ANDERSON, Manfred Carl, ANDERSON, Robert Adair, ANDERSON, William T., ANDREWS, Brainerd Wells, ANGELICH, Jerry Mike, ANGLE, Earnest Hersea, ANNUNZIATO, Frank John, ANTHONY, Glenn Samuel, APLIN, James Raymond, APPLE, Robert William, APREA, Frank Anthony, AQUINO, Zoilo, ARAKAKI, Nancy Masako, ARBUCKLE, William Delanno, ARICKX, Leon, ARLEDGE, Eston, ARMSTRONG, Kenneth Berton, ARNAUD, Achilles, ARNEBERG, Harold Raymond, ARNEBERG, William Robert, ARNESEN, Robert Arne, ARNOLD, Claude Duran Jr., ARNOLD, Thell, ARNOTT, Robert Everett, ARRANT, John Anderson, ARTHURHOLZ, Marley Richard, ARTLEY, Daryle Edward, ARVIDSON, Carl Harry, ASHBY, Welborn Lee, ASHMORE, Wilburn James, ATCHISON, John Calvin, ATKINS, Gerald Arthur, AULD, John Cuthbert, AUSTIN, John Arnold, AUSTIN, Laverne Alfred, AUTRY, Eligah T. Jr., AVERY, Robert L., AVES, Willard Charles, AYDELL, Miller Xavier, AYERS, Dee Cumpie, BACKMAN, Walter Howard, BADILLA, Manuel Domonic, BAILEY, George Richmond, BAILEY, Gerald John, BAILEY, James Edward, BAILEY, Robert Edward, BAILEY, Wilbur Houston, BAIRD, Billy Bryon, BAJORIMS, Joseph, BAKER, George W., BAKER, Glen, BAKER, Henry Ernest Jr., BAKER, J. W., BAKER, Robert Dewey, BALL, James William, BALL, William V., BALLANCE, Wilbur Frank, BANDEMER, Harold William, BANDY, Wayne Lynn, BANGERT, John Henry, BANKS, Layton Thomas, BARAGA, Joseph, BARBER, Leroy Kenneth, BARBER, Malcolm John, BARBER, Randolph Harold, BARDON, Charles Thomas, BARGERHUFF, Benjamin E. Jr., BARKER, Loren Joe, BARKSDALE, James M., BARNCORD, Cecil Everett, BARNER, Walter Ray, BARNES, Charles Edward, BARNES, Delmar Hayes, BARNETT, William Leroy, BARNETT, William Thermon, BARRETT, Wilbur Clayton, BARRON, Thomas Noble, BARTA, Joseph, BARTEK, Frank Joseph Jr., BARTLETT, David William, BARTLETT, Paul Clement, BATES, Edward Munroe Jr., BATES, Harold Eugene, BATES, Tobert Alvin, BATOR, Edward, BATTLES, Ralph Curtis, BAUER, Harold Walter, BAUM, Earl Paul, BAYS, Donald E., BAZETTI, Michael Louis, BEAL, Albert Quentin, BEAN, Howard Warren, BEARDSLEY, Loren Leigh, BEASLEY, Leland V., BEATON, Freddie, BEAUMONT, James Ammon, BECK, George Richard, BECKER, Marvin Otto, BECKER, Wesley Paulson, BECKWITH, Thomas Stewart, BEDFORD, Purdy Renaker, BEERMAN, Henry Carl, BEGGS, Harold Eugene, BELL, Hershel Homer, BELL, Richard Leroy, BELLAMY, James Curtis, BELT, Everett Ray Jr., BELT, Walter Sidney Jr., BENFORD, Sam Austin, BENNETT, Gordon R. Jr., BENNETT, Robert James, BENNETT, William Edmond Jr., BENNION, Mervyn Sharp, BENSON, James Thomas, BERGIN, Roger Joseph, BERKANSKI, Albert Charles, BERNARD, Frank Peter, BERRY, Gordon Eugene, BERRY, James Winford, BERSCH, Arthur Anthony, BERTIE, George Allan Jr., BIBBY, Charles Henry, BICKEL, Kenneth Robert, BICKNELL, Dale Deen, BIELKA, Rudolph Paul, BIGHAM, Virgil Cornelius, BILLS, Mathew T., BILYI, Anthony, BINGHAM, James Robert, BIRCHER, Frederick Robert, BIRD, John Arthur, BIRD, John Arthur, BIRDSELL, Rayon Delois, BIRGE, George Albert, BISHOP, Grover Barron, BISHOP, Millard Charles, BISHO Regis James, BOEMER, Paul Louis, BOGGESS, Roy Eugene, BOHLENDER, Sam, BOLAN, George P., BOLEN, Albert James, BOLLING, Gerald Revese, BOLLING, Walter Karr, BOND, Burnis Leroy, BONEBRAKE, Buford Earl, BONFIGLIO, William John, BONNIE, Felix, BOOE, James Brazier, BOOTH, Robert Sinclair Jr., BOOTON, Charlie Vinton, BOOZE, Asbury Legare, BORGELT, Harold W., BORGER, Richard, BORING, James Bryce, BOROVICH, Joseph John, BORUSKY, Edwin Charles, BOSLEY, Kenneth Leroy, BOSWELL, Frank G., BOUDREAUX, Ralph McHenry, BOVIALL, Walter Robert, BOWDEN, Edward Daniel, BOWERS, Robert K., BOWMAN, Howard Alton, BOXRUCKER, Lawrence Anton, BOYD, Charles Andrew, BOYDSTUN, Don Jasper, BOYDSTUN, R. L., BOYER, Fred Hunter, BOYLE, Arthur F., BOYNTON, Raymond Devere, BRABBZSON, Oran Merrill, BRADLEY, Bruce Dean, BRADLEY, Carl Merrill, BRAGA, Charles Jr., BRAKKE, Kenneth Gay, BRANDT, Billy O., BRANDT, Oris Vernelle, BRANHAM, George Ohara, BREEDLOVE, Jack Asbury, BREKKEN, Evan Benhart, BREWER, Randall Walter, BREWER, Robert Leroy, BRICKLEY, Eugene, BRIDGES, James Leon, BRIDGES, Paul Hyatt, BRIDIE, Robert Maurice, BRIER, Claire Raymond, BRIGGS, Lyle Lee, BRIGNOLE, Erminio Joseph, BRITTAN, Charles Edward, BRITTON, Thomas Alonzo, BROADHEAD, Johnnie Cecil, BROCK, Walter Pershing, BROMLEY, George Edward, BROMLEY, Jimmie, BROOKS, B.J. Jr., BROOKS, Ennis Edgar, BROOKS, Robert Neal, BROOKS, William, BROOME, Loy Raymond, BROONER, Allen Ottis, BROPHY, Myron Alonzo, BROWER, Rennie V. Jr., BROWN, Benjamin Lee, BROWN, Charles Darling, BROWN, Charles Martin, BROWN, Clyde C., BROWN, Elwyn Leroy, BROWN, Frank George, BROWN, Pallas Franklin, BROWN, Richard Corbett, BROWN, Riley Mirville, BROWN, Robert S., BROWN, Walter Scott, BROWN, Wesley James, BROWN, William Howard, BROWNE, Frederick Arthur, BROWNE, Harry Lamont, BROWNING, Tilmon David, BROWNLEE, William John, BRUBAKER, Brooks J., BRUESEWITZ, William G., BRUMMWELL, Malcolm J., BRUNE, James William, BRUNNER, William Frank, BRYAN, Leland Howard, BRYANT, Claude L., BRYANT, Lloyd Glenn, BUBB, Eugene R., BUCHANAN, James Rufus, BUCKLEY, Jack C., BUCKLEY, John Daniel, BUDD, Robert Emile, BUGARIN, Feliciano Todias, BUHR, Clarence Edward, BURCH, Earl George, BURDEN, Ralph Leon, BURDETTE, Ralph Warren, BURGER, Oliver Kenneth, BURGESS, John Edwin Jr., BURK, Millard Jr., BURKE, Frank Edmond Jr., BURLISON, Weldon C., BURNETT, Charlie Leroy, BURNS, Edward J., BURNS, John Edward, BUSH, Joseph, BUSH, Samuel Jackson, BUSICK, Dewey Olney, BUSS, Robert P., BUTCHER, David Adrian, BUTLER, James Warren, BUTLER, John Dabney, BUTTS, Rodger Cornelius, BYRD, Charles Dewitt, BYRD, Theodore F., CABAY, Louis Clarence, CADE, Richard Esh, CALDWELL, Charles Jr., CALLAGHAN, James Thomas, CALLAHAN, Archie Jr., CAMDEN, Raymond Edward, CAMERY, Raymond Ralph, CAMM, William Fielden, CAMPA, Ralph, CAMPBELL, Burdette Charles, CAMPBELL, William Clarence, CAMPBELL, William Vane, CAMPIGLIA, Francis Edward, CANNON, George H., CAPLINGER, Donald William, CAREY, Francis Lloyd, CARGILE, Murry Randolph, CARLISLE, Robert Wayne, CARLSON, Harry Ludwig, CARLSON, Lawrence Robert, CARMACK, Harold Milton, CARNEY, Harold Francis, CARO, Joseph I., CARPENTER, Elmer Lemuel, CARPENTER, Robert Nelson, CARREIRA, John, CARROLL, Guy Wayne, CARROLL, Joseph William, CARROLL, Robert Lewis, CARTER, Burton Lowell, CARTER, Howard Frederick, CARTER, Lloyd George, CARTER, Paxton Turner, CARTER, William John, CASEY, James Warren, CASHEN, Malachy J., CASHMAN, Edward J., CASILAN, Epifanio Miranda, CASINGER, Edward Eugene, CASKEY, Clarence Merton, CASOLA, Biacio, CASTLEBERRY, Claude W. Jr., CASTO, Charles Ray, CASTO, Richard Eugene, CATSOS, George, CEBERT, Dean W., CHACE, Raymond Vincent, CHADWICK, Charles Bruce, CHADWICK, Harold, CHAGNON, Joseph J., CHAMBERS, Eugene L., CHANDLER, Donald Ross, CHAPMAN, Donal V., CHAPMAN, Naaman N., CHARLTON, Charles Nicholas, CHERNUCHA, Harry Gregory, CHESHIRE, James Thomas, CHESS, Patrick Lloyd, CHESTER, Edward, CHESTNUTT, George V. Jr., CHONG, Patrick Kahamokupuni, CHRISTENSEN, Elmer Emil, CHRISTENSEN, Lloyd Raymond, CHRISTIAN, William Garnett, CHRISTIANSEN, CLOUES, Edward Blanchard, CLOUGH, Edward Hay, COBB, Ballard Burgher, COBURN, Walter Overton, COCKRUM, Kenneth Earl, COFFIN, Robert, COFFMAN, Marshall Herman, COHN, Mitchell, COKE, George Anderson, COLE, Charles Warren, COLE, David Lester, COLE, Francis Eugene, COLEGROVE, Willett S. Jr., COLLIER, John, COLLIER, Linald Long Jr., COLLIER, Walter Leon, COLLINS, Austin, COLLINS, Billy Murl, COLLINS, James Earl, COLLINS, Thomas W., COMSTOCK, Harold Kenneth, CONANT, Clarence Albert, CONLIN, Bernard Eugene, CONLIN, James Leo, CONNELLY, Richard Earl, CONNER, Joseph Ucline, CONNOLLY, John Gaynor, CONNOLLY, Keefe Richard, CONRAD, Homer Milton Jr., CONRAD, Robert Frank, CONRAD, Walter Ralph, CONWAY, Edward Leroy, COOK, Grant Clark Jr., COOK, Joseph William, COOPER, Clarence Eugene, COOPER, Frank Bernard, COOPER, Kenneth Erven, COOPER, Kenneth James, CORBIN, Leon John, CORCORAN, Gerard John, COREY, Ernest Eugene, CORN, Robert Livingston, CORNELIUS, P. W., CORNING, Russell Dale, CORZATT, Beoin Hume, COSTER, Richard Lee, COSTILL, Harold Kendall, COSTIN, Louis Albert, COTNER, Leo Paul, COTTIER, Charles Edwin, COUHIG, John H., COULTER, Arthur Lee, COWAN, William, COWDEN, Joel Beman, COX, Gerald Blinton, COX, William Milford, COYNE, William Jr., CRAFT, Harley Wade, CRAIG, James Edwin, CRAIG, John William, CRAIN, John Reeves, CRAWLEY, Wallace Dewight, CREECH, William C., CREMEAN, Alva J., CREMEENS, Louis Edward, CRIM, Warren Harding, CRISCUOLO, Michael, CRISWELL, Wilfred John, CROFT, Theodore Wheeler, CROMWELL, Howard Don, CROSSETT, David Lloyd, CROW, Howard Daniel, CROWDER, Samuel Warwick, CROWE, Cecil Thomas, CROWLEY, Thomas Ewing, CRUTHIRDS, John E., CURRY, William Joseph, CURRY, William McKnight, CURTIS, Herbert S. Jr., CURTIS, Lloyd B., CURTIS, Lyle Carl, CUTRER, Lloyd Henry, CYBULSKI, Harold Bernard, CYCHOSZ, Francis Anton, CYRIACK, Glenn Gerald, CZARNECKI, Stanley, CZEKAJSKI, Theophil, DA TORRE, Otreste, DAHLHEIMER, Richard Norbert, DAINS, John L., DALY, Edward Carlyle, DANIEL, Lloyd Naxton, DANIK, Andrew Joseph, DARBY, Marshall Eugene Jr., DARCH, Phillip Zane, DASENBROCK, Louis H., DAUGHERTY, Paul Eugene, DAVENPORT, Ernest J., DAVENPORT, James Watson Jr., DAVIS, Allen Arthur, DAVIS, Billy Rex, DAVIS, Edward Hope, DAVIS, Frederick Curtis, DAVIS, John Quitman, DAVIS, Milton Henry, DAVIS, Murle Melvin, DAVIS, Myrle Clarence, DAVIS, Thomas Ray, DAVIS, Virgil Denton, DAVIS, Walter Mindred, DAWSON, James Berkley, DAY, Francis Daniel, DAY, William John, DE ARMOUN, Donald Edwin, DE CASTRO, Vicente, DE POLIS, Frank J., DEAN, Lyle Bernard, DEETZ, John Wesley, DEFENBAUGH, Russell C., DELLES, Leslie Phillip, DELONG, Frederick Eugene, DENNIS, Leroy, DENSON, Eugene B., DERITIS, Russell Edwin, DERRINGTON, Ralph Alva, DERTHICK, James H., DEWITT, John James, DIAL, John Buchanan, DICK, Francis Edward, DICK, Ralph R., DICKENS, Ernest Boggio, DICKERSON, Richard A., DIECKHOFF, Douglas R., DILL, Leaman Robert, DINE, John George, DINEEN, Robert Joseph, DOBBINS, Richard Henry, DOBEY, Milton Paul Jr., DOERNENBURG, Kenneth E., DOHERTY, George Walter, DOHERTY, John Albert, DOMPIER, Marshall Leonard, DONALD, John Malcolm, DONOHUE, Ned Burton, DORITY, John Monroe, DORR, Carl David, DOSICK, Stanley Daniel, DOSSER, William Hugh, DOUGHERTY, Ralph Mc Clearn, DOUGLAS, Norman W., DOWNING, Eugene Victor, DOWNS, Jack A., DOYLE, Bernard Vincent, DOYLE, Wand B., DREESBACH, Herbert Allen, DREFAHL, Elmer Edwin, DRIVER, Bill Lester, DRUM, Donald Landford, DRWALL, Stanislaw Frank, DUANE, William, DUCOLON, Fred John, DUCREST, Louis Felix, DUFF, Robert C. Jr., DUGGER, Guy, DUKE, Lee Herwin, DUKE, Robert Edward, DUKES, Billie Joe, DUKES, Lonnie William, DULLUM, Jerald Fraser, DUNAWAY, Kenneth Leroy, DUNHAM, Elmer Marvin, DUNN, George S. Jr., DUNNAM, Robert Wesley, DUPREE, Arthur Joseph, DUQUETTE, Donat George Jr., DURHAM, William Teasdale, DURIO, Russell, DURKEE, Edward Norman, DURNING, Thomas Roy Jr., DURR, Clement Edward, DUSSET, Cyril Isaac, DUVEENE, John, DVORAK, Alvin Albert, DYE, Tommy, DYER, Buford Harvey, DYER, Daniel A. Jr., EAKES, Wallace Eldred, EATON, Emory Lowell, Harry, ELLSBERRY, Julius, ELWELL, Royal, ELYARD, Harold C., EMBREY, Bill Eugene, EMERY, Jack Marvin, EMERY, John Marvin, EMERY, Wesley Vernon, ENDICOTT, Ronald Burdette, ENGER, Stanley Gordon, ENGLAND, John Charles, ENGLAND, Richard Boyd, ERBES, Leland Earl, ERICKSON, Robert, ERNEST, Robert William, ERSKINE, Robert Charles, ERWIN, Stanley Joe, ERWIN, Walton Aluard, ESTEP, Carl James, ESTES, Carl Edwen, ESTES, Forrest Jesse, ETCHASON, Leslie Edgar, EULBERG, Richard Henry, EVANS, David Delton, EVANS, Evan Frederick, EVANS, Mickey Edward, EVANS, Paul Anthony, EVANS, William Orville, EVANS, Woodrow Wilson, EVERETT, James, EWELL, Alfred Adam, EYED, George, FADDIS, George Leon, FADON, Paul J., FAIRCHILD, Malcolm W., FAIRCHILD, Willard E., FALLIS, Alvin E., FANSLER, Edgar Arthur, FARFAN, Ignacio Camacho, FARLEY, Alfred Jack, FARMER, John Wilson, FARMER, Luther James, FAUFATA, Matilda Kaliko, FAVREAU, Arthur Armond, FECHO, Lawrence Herman, FEGURGUR, Nicolas San Nicolas, FELDMAN, Jack H., FELLMAN, Paul V., FERGUSON, Charlton Hanna, FERGUSON, Marvin Lee Jr., FERRIS, Homer E., FESS, John Junior, FIANDER, Stuart H., FIELD, Arnold E., FIELDS, Bernard, FIELDS, Reliford, FIELDS, Robert Auswell, FIFE, Ralph Elmer, FILKINS, George Arthur, FINCHER, Allen Brady, FINCHER, Dexter Wilson, FINLEY, Woodrow Wilson, FINNEGAN, William Michael, FINNEY, Patrick L., FIRTH, Henry Amis, FIRZGERALD, Kent Blake, FISCHER, Leslie Henry, FISHER, Delbert Ray, FISHER, James Anderson, FISHER, Robert Ray, FISK, Charles Porter III, FITCH, Simon, FITZSIMMONS, Eugene James, FLAHERTY, Francis Charles, FLANAGAN, James Monroe, FLANNERY, James Lowell, FLANNERY, Robert Joseph, FLEETWOOD, Donald Eugene, FLOEGE, Frank Norman, FLORES, Jose San Nicolas, FLORESE, Felicismo, FLORY, Max Edward, FOLEY, Walter Charles, FONES, George Everett, FOOTE, George Perry, FORD, George Calvin, FORD, Jack C., FORD, William Walker, FOREMAN, Elmer Lee, FORMOE, Clarence Melvin, FORTENBERRY, Alvie Charles, FOSS, Rodney Shelton, FOSTER, Rowena Kamohaulani, FOTH, Jack, FOWLER, George Parten, FOX, Daniel Russell, FOX, Gilbert Roy, FOX, Jack W., FOX, Lee Jr., FRANK, Leroy George, FRAZIER, John William, FREDERICK, Charles Donald, FREE, Paul B., FREE, Thomas Augusta, FREE, William Thomas, FRENCH, John Edmund, FRENCH, Joy Carol, FRENCH, Walter R., FRIZZELL, Robert Niven, FRYE, Neil Daniel, FUGATE, Fred, FUGATE, Kay Ivan, FULTON, Robert Wilson, FUNK, Frank Francis, FUNK, Lawrence Henry, FURR, Tedd McKinley, FUZI, Eugene Dash, GABRIELE, Angelo Michael, GAGER, Roy Arthur, GAGNE, Leo E. A., GALAJDIK, Michael, GALASZEWSKI, Stanley C., GALLAGHER, Russell E., GANAS, Nickolas Steve, GANDRE, Melvyn Amour, GANNAM, George K., GANTNER, Samuel Merritt, GARA, Martin Anthony, GARCIA, Claude Ralph, GARCIA, Jesus Francisco, GARCIA, Robert Stillman, GARDNER, Arthur Joseph, GARGARO, Ernest Russell, GARLINGTON, Raymond Wesley, GARRETT, Orville Wilmer, GARRETT, Robert R., GARRIS, Eugene, GARTIN, Gerald Ernest, GARY, Thomas Jones, GAUDETTE, William Frank, GAUDRAULT, Joseph L.B., GAULTNEY, Ralph Martin, GAVER, Henry Hamilton Jr., GAZECKI, Philip Robert, GEBHARDT, Kenneth Edward, GEBSER, Paul Heino, GEER, Kenneth Floyd, GEISE, Marvin Frederick, GELLER, Leonard Richard, GEMIENHARDT, Samuel Henry Jr., GEORGE, George Themistocles, GHOLSTON, Roscoe, GIBSON, Billy Edwin, GIBSON, George Harvey, GIESA, George Edward, GIESEN, Karl Anthony, GIFFORD, Quentin John, GIFT, Kenneth Mace, GILBERT, George, GILBERT, George H., GILBERT, Tom, GILES, Thomas Robert, GILL, Richard Eugene, GILLETTE, Warren Clayton, GILLIARD, Benjamin Edward, GINN, James Blackburn, GIOVENAZZO, Michael James, GIVENS, Harold Reuben, GLEASON, James J., GLENN, Arthur, GOBBIN, Angelo, GOETSCH, Herman August, GOFF, Wiley Coy, GOGGIN, Daryl Henry, GOLDWATER, Jack Reginald, GOMEZ, Charles Clay Jr., GOMEZ, Edward Jr., GONSALVES, Emma, GONZALES, Bibian Bernard, GONZALES, Manuel, GOOCH, George Merton, GOOD, Josephá E., GOOD, Leland, GOODING, Robert Henry, GOODWIN, Clifford George, GOODWIN, Myron Eugene, GOODWIN, Robert, GOODWIN, William Arthur, GORDON, Duff, GORDO GRIFFITHS, Robert Alfred, GRISSINGER, Robert Beryle, GROSNICKLE, Warren Wilbert, GROSS, Edgar David, GROSS, Milton Henry, GROSS, Roy Arthur, GROW, Vernon Neslie, GRUNDSTROM, Richard Gunner, GUISINGER, Daniel L. Jr., GULLACHSON, Arthur K., GUMMERSON, Elwood R., GURGANUS, William Ike, GURLEY, Jesse Herbert, GUSIE, William Fred, GUTHRIE, James E., GUTTMANN, Joseph Herman, GUY, George Hormer, HAAS, Curtis Junior, HAASE, Clarence Frederick, HADEN, Samuel William, HAFFNER, Floyd Bates, HAINES, Robert Wesley, HALL, Hubert Preston, HALL, John Rudolph, HALL, Ted, HALLMARK, Johnnie W., HALLORAN, William Ignatius, HALTERMAN, Robert Emile, HALVORSEN, Harry John, HAM, Harold William, HAMEL, Don Edgar, HAMILTON, Clarence James, HAMILTON, Edwin Carrell, HAMILTON, William Holman, HAMLIN, Dale Reuben, HAMMERUD, George Winston, HAMPTON, J D, HAMPTON, Ted W Jr., HAMPTON, Walter Lewis, HANN, Eugene Paul, HANNA, David Darling, HANNON, Francis Leon, HANSEN, Carlyle B., HANSEN, Harvey Ralph, HANSON, George, HANSON, Helmer Ansel, HANZEL, Edward Joseph, HARADA, Ai, HARDIN, Charles Eugene, HARGRAVES, Kenneth William, HARKER, Charles Ward, HARMON, á William D., HARR, Robert Joseph, HARRINGTON, Keith Homer, HARRIS, Charles Houston, HARRIS, Daniel Fletcher, HARRIS, George Ellsworth, HARRIS, Hiram Dennis, HARRIS, James William, HARRIS, Louis Edward Jr., HARRIS, Noble Burnice, HARRIS, Peter John, HARRISS, Hugh Braddock, HARTFORD, Carlton H., HARTLEY, Alvin, HARTLEY, Kenneth Jay, HARTSOE, Max June, HARTSON, Lonnie Moss, HARVESON, Herold Aloysius, HASENFUSS, William E. Jr., HASL, James Thomas, HASTY, Ardrey Vernon, HATATE, Kisa, HAUGHEY, John Thomas, HAVEN, Edward Stanley Jr., HAVERFIELD, James Wallace, HAVINS, Harvey Linfille, HAWKINS, Anthony Jr., HAWKINS, Russell Dean, HAYDEN, Albert Eugene, HAYES, John Doran, HAYES, Kenneth Merle, HAYNES, Curtis James, HAYS, Alfred, HAYS, William Henry, HAZDOVAC, Jack Claudius, HEAD, Frank Bernard, HEAD, Harold Lloyd, HEADINGTON, Robert Wayne, HEATER, Verrell Roy, HEATH, Alfred Grant, HEATH, Francis Colston, HEAVIN, Hadley Irvin, HEBEL, Francis F., HEBEL, Robert Lee, HECKENDORN, Warren Guy, HEDGER, Jess Laxton, HEDRICK, Paul Henry, HEELY, Leo Shinn, HEIDT, Edward Joseph, HEIDT, Wesley John, HEIM, Gerald Leroy, HELLSTERN, William Francis, HELM, Merritt Cameron, HELTON, Floyd Dee, HEMBREE, Thomas, HENDERSON, Gilbert Allen, HENDERSON, William Walter, HENDRICKSEN, Frank, HENRICHSEN, Jimmie Lee, HENRY, Otis Wellington, HENSON, William Ed Jr., HERBER, Harvey Christopher, HERBERT, George, HERBERT, Joseph C., HERRICK, Paul Edward, HERRING, James Jumior, HERRIOTT, Robert Asher Jr., HESLER, Austin Henry, HESS, Darrel Miller, HESSDORFER, Anthony Joseph, HIBBARD, Robert Arnold, HICKMAN, Arthur Lee, HICKOK, Warren Paul, HICKOK, Warren Paul, HICKS, Elmer Orville, HICKS, Ralph Dueard, HIGA, Fred Masayoshi, HILDEBRAND, John A. Jr., HILL, Bartley Talor, HILL, Clifford Dale, HILL, Edwin Joseph, HILLMAN, Merle Chester J., HILT, Fred Albert, HILTON, Wilson Woodrow, HINDMAN, Frank Weaver, HINES, Arvel Clay, HIRASAKI, Jackie Yoneto, HIRASAKI, Jitsuo, HIRASAKI, Robert Yoshito, HIRASAKI, Shirley Kinue, HISKETT, Denis Hubert, HISLOP, William, HITRIK, Albert Joseph, HITTORFF, Joseph Parker Jr., HOAG, Frank Samuel Jr., HOARD, Herbert John, HODGES, Garris Vada, HODGES, Howard David, HOELSCHER, Lester John, HOFFMAN, Joseph Warren, HOLLAND, Claude Herbert Jr., HOLLENBACH, Paul Zepp, HOLLEY, Paul Elston, HOLLIS, Ralph, HOLLOWELL, George Sanford, HOLM, Kenneth Laurence, HOLMES, Harry Randolph, HOLMES, Lowell D., HOLMES, Robert Kimball, HOLZHAUER, James William, HOLZWORTH, Walter, HOMER, Henry Vernon, HOOD, Earl A., HOOD, Joseph Earnest, HOOKANO, Kamiko, HOPE, Harold W., HOPKINS, Edwin Chester, HOPKINS, Homer David, HORAN, John J., HORAN, Vincent M., HORD, Chester George, HORN, Melvin Freeland, HORNER, James Albert, HORRELL, Harvey Howard, HORROCKS, James William, HORTON, William David, HOSLER, John Emmet, HOUDE, Emery Lyle, HOUSE, Clem Raymond, HOUSEL, John James, HOWARD, Elmo, HOWARD, George F., HOWARD, Rolan George, HOWE, Darrell Robe HURLEY, Wendell Ray, HUVAL, Ivan Joseph, HUX, Leslie Creade, HUYS, Arthur Albert, HYDE, William Hughes, IAK, Joseph Claude, IBBOTSON, Howard Burt, INAMINE, Paul S., INGALLS, Richard Fitch, INGALLS, Theodore A, INGRAHAM, David Archie, INGRAM, George Washington, IRISH, Robert Clement, ISHAM, Orville Adalbert, ISOM, Luther James, IVERSEN, Earl Henry, IVERSEN, Norman Kenneth, IVERSON, Claydon Ignatius C., IVEY, Charles Andrew Jr., IZUMI, Robert Seiko, JACKSON, David Paul Jr., JACKSON, David William, JACKSON, Lowell Bruce, JACKSON, Robert Woods, JACKSON, William Clarence, JACKSON, Willie, JACOBS, Richard Fredrick, JACOBS, Richard William, JACOBSON, Dave, JACOBSON, Herbert Barney, JAMES, Challis Rudolph, JAMES, John Burditt, JANTE, Edwin Earl, JANZ, á Clifford Thurston, JARDING, George William, JASTRZEMSKI, Edwin Charles, JAYNE, Kenneth Lyle, JEANS, Victor Lawrence, JEDRYSIK, Joseph, JEFFREY, Ira W., JEFFRIES, Keith, JENCUIS, Joseph Herbert, JENKINS, Robert Henry Dawson, JENSEN, Keith Marlow, JENSEN, Theodore Que, JENSON, Jesse Bennett, JERRISON, Donald D., JOHANN, Paul Frederick, JOHANNES, Charles Homer, JOHNSON, Billy James, JOHNSON, Carl Andreas, JOHNSON, Carl Spencer, JOHNSON, David Andrew Jr., JOHNSON, Donald Walter, JOHNSON, Edmund Russell, JOHNSON, Edward Dale, JOHNSON, Flavous B.M., JOHNSON, George Edward, JOHNSON, James Rodman, JOHNSON, John Russell, JOHNSON, Joseph Morris, JOHNSON, Melvin Grant, JOHNSON, Olaf A., JOHNSON, Robert Henry, JOHNSON, Samuel Earle, JOHNSON, Sterling Conrad, JOHNSTON, Jim Hal, JOLLEY, Berry Stanley, JONES, Charles Alan, JONES, Charles William, JONES, Daniel Pugh, JONES, Edmon Ethmer, JONES, Edward Watkin, JONES, Ernest, JONES, Floyd Baxter, JONES, Fred M., JONES, George Edwin, JONES, Harry Cecil, JONES, Henry Jr., JONES, Herbert C., JONES, Homer Lloyd, JONES, Hugh Junior, JONES, Jerry, JONES, Leland, JONES, Leroy Henry, JONES, Quincy Eugene, JONES, Rodney Wallace, JONES, Thomas Raymond, JONES, Warren Allen, JONES, Willard Worth, JONES, Woodrow Wilson, JORDAN, Julian Bethune, JORDAN, Wesley Vernie, JOYCE, Calvin Wilbur, JOYNER, Theodore K., JUDD, Albert John, JUEDES, William Arthur, JURASHEN, Thomas Valentine, KAELIN, John Louis, KAGARICE, Harold Lee, KAHOOKELE, David, KAISER, Robert Oscar, KALINOWSKI, Henry, KAMPMEYER, Eric T., KANE, Albert Utley, KARABON, Joseph Nicholas, KARLI, John Albert, KATT, Eugene Louis, KAUFMAN, Harry, KEATON, Vernon Paul, KECHNER, Vincent John, KEEN, Billy Mack, KEENER, Arlie Glen, KEFFER, Howard Verne, KEIL, Ralph Henry, KEITH, George Richard, KEITH, George Richard, KELLER, Donald Garrett, KELLER, Paul Daniel, KELLEY, James Dennis, KELLEY, Joe Marion, KELLEY, Robert R., KELLEY, Sanford V. Jr., KELLOGG, Wilbur Leroy, KELLY, Robert Lee, KEMPF, Warren Joseph, KENINGER, Leo Thomas, KENISTON, Donald Lee, KENISTON, Kenneth Howard, KENNARD, Kenneth Frank, KENNEDY, William Henry, KENNINGTON, Charles Cecil, KENNINGTON, Milton Homer, KENT, Texas Thomas Jr., KENT, William Harrison, KERESTES, Elmer Tom, KERRIGAN, Raymond Joseph, KESLER, David Leland, KIDD, Isaac Campbell, KIEHN, Ronald William, KIESELBACH, Charles Ermin, KIM, Soon Chip, KIMMEY, Robert Doyle, KIMURA, Tomaso, KINDER, Andrew J., KING, Andrew, KING, Gordon Blane, KING, Leander Cleaveland, KING, Lewis Meyer, KING, Marion E. Jr., KING, Orvell Vaniel Jr., KING, Robert Nicholas Jr., KINNEY, Frederick William, KINNEY, Gilbert Livingston, KIRCHHOFF, Wilbur Albert, KIRKPATRICK, Thomas Larcy, KLANN, Edward, KLASING, William August, KLEIN, Otto C., KLEIST, Chester Fredrick, KLINE, Robert Edwin, KLOPP, Francis Lawrence, KLUBERTANZ, Roderick Otto, KNIGHT, Milton Jewel Jr., KNIGHT, Robert Wagner, KNIPP, Verne Francis, KNUBEL, William Jr., KOCH, Walter Ernest, KOENEKAMP, Clarence D., KOEPPE, Herman Oliver, KOHL, John J., KOLAJAJCK, Brosig, KONDO, Edward Koichi, KONNICK, Albert Joseph, KOSEC, John Anthony, KOVAR, Robert, KOZELEK, Leonard Joseph, KRAHN, James Albert, KRAKER, Donald J., KRAMB, James Henry, KRAMB, John david, KRAMER, Harry Wellington, KRAMER, Robert Rudolph, KRAUSE, Fred Joseph, KRISSMAN, Max Sam, KRUG Orville J., LANGO, Frank J., LANOUETTE, Henry John, LARSEN, Donald C. V., LARSEN, Elliott Deen, LARSON, Leonard Carl, LATTIN, Bleecker, LAURIE, Johnnie Cornelius, LAWRENCE, Charles, LAWRENCE, Edward Stephen, LAWRENCE, Elmer Patterson, LAWSON, Willard Irvin, LEARY, Thomas Francis, LEE, Carroll Volney Jr., LEE, Henry Lloyd, LEE, Isaac William, LEE, Roy Elmer Jr., LEEDY, David Alonzo, LEGGETT, John Goldie, LEGROS, Joseph McNeil, LEHMAN, Gerald George, LEHMAN, Myron Kenneth, LEIGH, Malcolm Hedrick, LEIGHT, James Webster, LEMIRE, Joseph Sam L., LEOPOLD, Robert Lawrence, LEPPER, Edmond Brayton, LESCAULT, Lionel W., LESLIE, George G., LESMEISTER, Steve Louie, LEVAR, Frank, LEVINE, Sherman, LEWIS, James I., LEWIS, John Earl, LEWIS, Theodore J., LEWIS, Wayne Alman, LEWISON, Neil Stanley, LIBOLT, Lester H., LIGHTFOOT, Worth Ross, LINBO, Gordon Ellsworth, LINCOLN, John William, LINDSAY, James E., LINDSAY, James Mitchell, LINDSEY, Harold William, LINDSLEY, John Herbert, LINTON, George Edward, LIPE, Wilbur Thomas, LIPKE, Clarence William, LIPPLE, John Anthony, LISENBY, Daniel Edward, LISH, Eugene Victor, LITTLE, John Grubbs III, LIVERS, Raymond Edward, LIVERS, Wayne Nicholas, LIVINGSTON, Alfred Eugene, LIVINGSTON, Richard E., LOCK, Douglas A., LOCKWOOD, Clarence M., LOEBACH, Adolph John, LOHMAN, Earl Wynne, LOMAX, Frank Stuart, LOMIBAO, Marciano, LONDON, James Edward, LONG, Benjamin Franklin, LONG, Guy Edward, LOO, Tai Chung, LOPES, Peter Souza, LORD, Harry W. Jr., LOUNSBURY, Thomas William, LOUSTANAU, Charles Bernard, LOVE, Carl Robert, LOVELAND, Frank Crook, LOVSHIN, William Joseph, LOWE, Robert S., LUCEY, Neil Jermiah, LUKE, Vernon Thomas, LUKER, Royle Bradford, LUNA, James Edward, LUNSFORD, Jack Leon, LUNTTA, John Kallervo, LUSK, Howard N., LUTSCHAN, William Edward, Jr., LUZIER, Ernest Burton, LYNCH, Donald William, LYNCH, Emmett Isaac, LYNCH, James Robert Jr., LYNCH, Kenneth Lee, LYNCH, William Joseph Jr., LYON, Arnold Eugene, LYONS, Lawrence P. Jr., MABINE, Octavius, MACY, Thomas Samuel, MADDOX, Raymond Dudley, MADRID, Arthur John, MAFNAS, Andres Franquez, MAFNAS, Francisco Reyes, MAGEE, Gerald James, MAGERS, Howard Scott, MALATAK, Joseph, MALECKI, Frank Edward, MALEK, Michael, MALFANTE, Algeo Victor, MALINOWSKI, John Stanley, MALSON, Harry Lynn, MANGANELLI, George Jay, MANGES, Howard Ellis, MANION, Edward Paul, MANLEY, Williamá H., MANLOVE, Arthur Cleon, MANN, Charles Willis, MANN, John H., MANN, William Edward, MANNING, Leroy, MANNING, Milburn Alex, MANNING, Walter Benjamin, MANSKE, Robert Francis, MARINICH, Steve Matt, MARIS, Elwood Henry, MARKLEY, Robert Harold, MARLING, Joseph Henry, MARLOW, Urban Herschel, MARSH, Benjamin Raymond Jr., MARSH, William Arthur, MARSHALL, John Andrew, MARSHALL, Thomas Donald, MARSHALL, William Earl Jr., MARTIN, Dale Lewis, MARTIN, George M. Jr., MARTIN, Herbert Benjamin, MARTIN, Hugh Lee, MARTIN, James Albert, MARTIN, James Orrwell, MARTIN, John Winter, MARTIN, Luster Lee, MARTIN, Wallace R., MARTINEZ, Rudolph Machado, MARZE, Andrew Michael, MARZE, Andrew Michael, MASON, Byron Dalley, MASON, Henri Clay, MASSEY, James Edward, MASTEL, Clyde Harold, MASTERS, Dayton Monroe, MASTERSON, Cleburne E. Carl, MASTROTOTARO, Maurice, MATA, Jesus Manalisay, MATHEIN, Harold Richard, MATHISON, Charles Harris, MATHISON, Donald Joseph, MATNEY, Vernon Merferd, MATTOX, Harell K., MATTOX, James Durant, MAULE, Joseph Keith, MAY, Louis Eugene, MAYBEE, George Frederick, MAYFIELD, Frazier, MAYFIELD, Lester Ellsworth, MAYO, Marvin William, MAYO, Rex Haywood, McABEE, William E., McALLEN, John Scott, McBEE, Luther Kirk, McCABE, Edwin Bonner, McCABE, Sr., Joseph, McCARRENS, James Francis, McCARY, William Moore, McCLAFFERTY, John Charles, McCLELLAND, Thomas Alfred, McCLINTOCK, James Jacob, McCLOUD, Donald Robert, McCLUNG, Harvey Manford, McCOLLOM, Lawrence Jennings, McCOMAS, Clarence William, McCUTCHEON, Warren Harrell, McDONALD, James Oliver, McFADDIN, Lawrence James, McGHEE, Lester Fred, McGLASSON, Joe Otis, McGRADY, Samme Willie Genes, McGRAW, George V., McGUCKIN, Edward L., McGUIRE, Francis Raymond, McHUGHES MENDIOLA, Enrique Castro, MENEFEE, James Austin, MENGES, Herbert Hugo, MENO, Vicente Gogue, MENZENSKI, Stanley Paul, MERITHEW, William W., MERRILL, Howard Deal, MESSAM, Horace Arthur, MEYERS, Victor L., MICHAEL, Charles O., MICHELETTO, Carlo Anthony, MIDDLESWART, John Franklin, MIGITA, Torao, MILBOURNE, Jesse Keith, MILES, Archie Theodore, MILES, Oscar Wright, MILLER, Chester John, MILLER, Doyle Allen, MILLER, Forrest Newton, MILLER, George Stanley, MILLER, J.B. Delane, MILLER, Jessie Zimmer, MILLER, John David, MILLER, Marvin Eugene, MILLER, William Cicero, MILLER, William Oscar, MILLIGAN, Weldon Hawvey, MILNER, James William, MIMS, Robert Lang, MINEAR, Richard J. Jr., MINIX, Orville Ray, MINTER, James Dewey, MIRELLO, Bernard Joseph, MISTER, Joe Eddie, MITCHELL, Edwin N., MITCHELL, John G., MITCHELL, Wallace Gregory, MLINAR, Joseph, MOLPUS, Richard Preston, MONROE, Donald, MONTGOMERY, Charles Andrew, MONTGOMERY, Robert E., MONTGOMERY, Wallace Alford, MONTGOMERY, William A., MOODY, Robert Edward, MOORE, Clyde Carson, MOORE, Douglas Carlton, MOORE, Fred Kenneth, MOORE, James Carlton, MOORHEAD, Lionel Jay, MOORHOUSE, William Starks, MOORMAN, Russell Lee, MORAN, George A., MORGAN, Wayne, MORGAREIDGE, James Orries, MORINCELLI, Edo, MORLEY, Eugene Elvis, MORRELL, Elmer R., MORRIS, Emmett Edloe, MORRIS, Owen Newton, MORRIS, William Francis, MORRISON, Earl Leroy, MORRISSEY, Edward Francis, MORSE, Edward Charles, MORSE, Francis Jerome, MORSE, George Robert, MORSE, Norman Roi, MOSER, Joseph G., MOSLENER, Louis Gustav Jr., MOSS, Tommy Lee, MOSTEK, Francis Clayton, MOULTON, Gordon Eddy, MRACE, Albin John, MUHOFSKI, Joseph Alexander, MULICK, John Mark, MUNCY, Claude, MURDOCK, Charles Luther, MURDOCK, Melvin Elijah, MURPHY, James Joseph, MURPHY, James Palmer, MURPHY, Jessie Huell, MURPHY, Thomas J. Jr., MYERS, Clair Clifton, MYERS, James Gernie, MYERS, Ray Harrison, NAASZ, Erwin H., NADEL, Alexander Joseph, NAEGLE, George Eugene, NAFF, Hugh Kenneth, NAGAMINE, Masayoshi, NAIL, Elmer Denton, NASH, Paul Andrews, NATIONS, James Garland, NATIONS, Morris Edward, NAYLOR, J D, NEAL, Tom Dick, NECESSARY, Charles Raymond, NEEDHAM, La Verne J., NEHER, Don Ocle, NEIPP, Paul, NELLES, Joseph F., NELSON, Harl Coplin, NELSON, Henry Clarence, NELSON, Lawrence Adolphus, NELSON, Marlyn Wayne, NELSON, Richard Eugene, NERMOE, Earl Tilman, NEUENDORF, William F. Jr., NEUENSCHWANDER, Arthur C., NEVILL, Sam Douglas, NEWMAN, Laxton Gail, NEWTON, Paul Eugene, NEWTON, Wayne Edward, NEWTON, Wilbur Francis, NICHOLS, Alfred Rose, NICHOLS, Bethel Allan, NICHOLS, Carl, NICHOLS, Clifford Leroy, NICHOLS, Harry Ernest, NICHOLS, Louis Duffie, NICHOLSON, Glen Eldon, NICHOLSON, hancel Grant, NICOLES, Frank Edward, NIDES, Thomas James, NIELSEN, Arnold Madsen, NIELSEN, Floyd Theadore, NIGG, Laverne Alious, NIGHTINGALE, Joe Raymond, NIX, Charles Edward, NOCE, Emile Salvatore, NOLATUBBY, Henry Ellis, NOONAN, Robert Harold, NORMAN, Donald Charles, NORMAN, Orris Nate, NORTHWAY, William M., NORVELLE, Alwyn Berry, NOWOSACKI, Theodore Lucian, NUSSER, Raymond Alfred, NYE, Frank Erskine, O’BRIEN, Joseph Bernard, O’BRYAN, George David, O’BRYAN, Joseph Benjamin, OCHOSKI, Henry Francis, O’CONNOR, Maurice Michael, ODA, Yaeko Lillian, ODGAARD, Edwin Nelson, OFF, Virgil Simon, OFFUTT, William H., OGLE, Charles Ralph, OGLE, Victor Willard, OGLESBY, Lonnie Harris, O’GRADY, Camillus M., OHASHI, Frank, OHTA, Hayako, OHTA, Janet Yumiko, OHTA, Kiyoko, OLDS, Clifford Nathan, OLIVER, Raymond Brown, OLSEN, Edward Kern, OLSEN, Eli, OLSON, Glen Martin, O’NEALL, Rex Eugene, O’NEILL, William Thomas Jr., ORNELLAS, Barbara June, ORNELLAS, Gertrude, ORR, Dwight Jerome, ORR, Willard C., ORWICK, Dean Baker, ORZECH, Stanislaus Joseph, OSBORNE, Mervin Eugene, OSTRANDER, Leland Grimstead, OTT, Peter Dean, OTTERSTETTER, Carl William, OUTLAND, Jarvis Godwin, OVERLEY, Lawrence Jack, OWEN, Fredrick Halden, OWENS, James Patrick, OWENS, Richard Allen, OWSLEY, Alphard Stanley, OWSLEY, Arnold Jacob, OWSLEY, Thomas Lea, PACE, Amos Paul, PACE, Joseph Wilson, PACE, Millard Clarence, PACIGA, Walter Joseph, PALIDES, James PECK, Eugene Edward, PECKHAM, Howard William, PEDROTTI, Francis James, PEERY, Max Valdyne, PELESCHAK, Michael, PELTIER, John Arthur, PENCE, John Wallace, PENCE, John Wallace, PENDARVIS, George E., PENNINGTON, Raymond, PENNY, Russell M., PENSYL, John Campbell, PENTICO, Walter Ray, PENTON, Howard Lee, PENUEL, George Ames Jr., PEPE, Stephen, PERDUE, Charles Fred, PERKINS, George Ernest, PERRY, Forrest Hurbert, PERRY, Hal H. Jr., PETERSON, Albert H. Jr., PETERSON, Elroy Vernon, PETERSON, Hardy Wilbur, PETERSON, Roscoe Earl, PETTIT, Charles Ross, PETWAY, Wiley James, PETYAK, John Joseph, PETZ, Robert Albert, PHELPS, George Edward, PHILBIN, James Richard, PHILIPSKY, Thomas F., PHILLIPS, James William, PHILLIPS, Milo Elah, PHIPPS, James Norman, PIASECKI, Alexander Louis, PIERCE, Sidney, PIETZSCH, Jay E., PIKE, Harvey Lee, PIKE, Lewis Jackson, PINKHAM, Albert Wesley, PINKO, Andrew Anthony, PIRTLE, Gerald Homer, PISKURAN, Rudolph Victor, PITCHER, Jack Arthur, PITCHER, Walter Giles, PITTS, Lewis William Jr., PLANT, Donald D., PLATSCHORRE, Daniel P., POINDEXTER, Herbert J. Jr., PONDER, Walter Howard, POOL, Elmer Leo, POOLE, Ralph Ernest, PORTERFIELD, Robert Kirk, PORTILLO, Damian Maraya, POSEY, Frank S. E., POST, Darrell Albert, POVESKO, George, POWELL, Jack Speed, POWELL, Raymond E., POWELL, Thomas George, POWELL, William J., POWER, Abner Franklin, POWERS, Joe O’Neil, POWERS, Roy Wallace, POWLOSKI, Daniel J., PRESSON, Wayne Harold, PREWITT, Brady Oliver, PRIBBLE, Robert Lamb, PRICE, Arland Earl, PRICE, George, PRICE, George Franklin, PRICE, John A., PRIDE, Lewis Bailey Jr., PRITCHETT, Robert Leo Jr., PRZYBYSZ, Alexsander J., PUCKETT, Edwin Lester, PUE, Jasper Langley Jr., PUGH, John Jr., PULLEN, Roy Alfred, PUMMILL, Nolan Eugene, PUTNAM, Avis Boyd, PUZIO, Edward, QUARTO, Mike Joseph, QUINATA, Jose Sanchez, QUIRK, Edward Joseph, RACISZ, Edward Stanley, RADFORD, Neal Jason, RAE, Allen G., RAIMOND, Paul Smith, RAINBOLT, John Thomas, RALL, Richard Redner, RASMUSSEN, Arthur Severin, RASMUSSEN, Warren D., RASMUSSON, George Vernon, RATKOVICH, William, RAWHOUSER, Glen Donald, RAWSON, Clyde Jackson, RAY, Eldon Casper, RAY, Harry Joseph, REAGAN, Dan Edward, REAVES, Casbie, RECTOR, Clay Cooper, REECE, John Jeffris, REED, Frank Edward, REED, James Buchanan Jr., REED, Ray Ellison, REEVES, Thomas J., REGAN, Leo Basil, REGISTER, Paul James, REID, George Beard, REID, William Henry, REINHOLD, Rudolph Herbert, RENNER, Albert, RESTIVO, Jack Martin, REUSS, Herman C., REYNOLDS, Earl Arthur, REYNOLDS, Jack Franklyn, RHODES, Birb Richard, RHODES, Mark Alexander, RHODES, William T., RICE, Irvin Franklin, RICE, William Albert, RICE, William Hurst, RICE, Wilson Albert, RICH, Claude Edward, RICH, Porter Leigh, RICHAR, Raymond Lyle, RICHARDSON, Warren John, RICHEY, Joseph L., RICHEY, Robert M., RICHISON, Fred Louis, RICHTER, Albert Wallace, RICHTER, Leonard Claiver, RICO, Guadalupe Augustine, RIDDEL, Eugene Edward, RIDENOUR, Clyde Jr., RIGANTI, Fred, RIGGINS, Gerald Herald, RILEY, David Joseph, RIPLEY, Edwin Herbert, RIVERA, Francisco Unpingoo, ROACH, Russell Clyde, ROBBINS, Anson E., ROBERTS, Dwight Fisk, ROBERTS, Earl Reed, ROBERTS, Kenneth Franklin, ROBERTS, McClellan Taylor, ROBERTS, Walter Scott Jr., ROBERTS, Wilburn Carle, ROBERTS, William Francis, ROBERTSON, Edgar Jr., ROBERTSON, James Milton, ROBERTSON, Joseph Morris, ROBINSON, Harold Thomas, ROBINSON, James Henry, ROBINSON, James William, ROBINSON, John James, ROBINSON, Robert Warren, ROBISON, Mark Clifton, ROBY, Raymond Arthur, RODGERS, John Dayton, ROE, Eugene Oscar, ROEHM, Harry Turner, ROESCH, Harold William, ROGERS, Thomas Sprugeon, ROGERS, Walter Boone, ROGNESS, Halvor E., ROMANO, Simon, ROMBALSKI, Donald Roger, ROMERO, Vladimir M., RONNING, Emil Oliver, ROOT, Melvin Lenord, ROSE, Chester Clay, ROSE, Ernest Claude, ROSENAU, Howard Arthur, ROSENBERY, Orval Robert, ROSENTHAL, Alfred Aaron, ROSS, Deane Lundy, ROSS, Joe Boyce, ROSS, William Fraser, ROUSE, Joseph Carel, ROWE, Eugene Joseph, ROWELL, Frank Malcom, ROYALS, William Nicholas, ROYER, Howard Dale, ROYSE, Frank Willard, ROZAR, John Frank, SAULSBURY, Theodore Hilliard, SAUNDERS, Charles Louis, SAVAGE, Lyal Jackson, SAVAGE, Walter Samuel Jr., SAVIDGE, John Edwin, SAVIN, Tom, SAVINSKI, Michael, SAYLOR, Paul Edd, SCHDOWSKI, Joseph, SCHEUERLEIN, George Albert, SCHICK, William Rhinehart, SCHILLER, Ernest, SCHLECT, Benjamin, SCHLEIFER, Louis, SCHLEITER, Walter Fay, SCHLUND, Elmer Pershing, SCHMERSAHL, George R., SCHMIDT Vernon Joseph, SCHMIDT, Herman, SCHMITT, Aloysius Herman, SCHMITZ, Andrew James, SCHNEIDER, William Jacob, SCHOONOVER, John Harry, SCHOTT, Robert L., SCHRANK, Harold Arthur, SCHROEDER, Henry, SCHUMAN, Herman Lincoln, SCHUON, Richard Martin Jr., SCHURR, John, SCHWARTING, Herbert C., SCILLEY, Harold Hugh, SCOTT, A. J., SCOTT, Bernard Oliver, SCOTT, Crawford Edward, SCOTT, George Harrison, SCOTT, George William, SCOTT, Ralph Edward, SCOTT, Robert Raymond, SCRUGGS, Jack Leo, SEAMAN, Russell Otto, SEARLE, Erwin Leroy, SEATON, Chester Ernest, SEDERSTROM, Verdi Delmore, SEELEY, William Eugene, SELLON, William Lawrence, SEVERINSON, Everett Iven, SEVIER, Charles Clifton, SHAFER, William Kenneth, SHANAHAN, William James Jr., SHANNON, William Alfred, SHARBAUGH, Harry Robert, SHARON, Lewis Purdie, SHATTUCK, Robert R., SHAUM, Donald Robert, SHAW, Clyde Donald, SHAW, Robert K., SHEFFER, George Robert, SHELDEN, Edward Judson, SHELLY, Russell K. Jr., SHERMAN, Robert O., SHERRILL, Warren Joseph, SHERVEN, Richard Stanton, SHIELDS, William F., SHIFFMAN, Harold Ely, SHILEY, Paul Eugene, SHIMER, Melvin Irvin, SHIVE, Gordon Eshom, SHIVE, Malcolm Holman, SHIVELY, Benjamin Franklin, SHOOK, Shelby Charles, SHORES, Irland Jr., SHOUSE, Henson Taylor, SHUGART, Marvin John, SIBLEY, Delmar Dale, SIDDERS, Russell Lewis, SIDELL, John Henry, SILVA, William Garfield, SILVA, William Howard, SILVEY, Jesse, SIMENSEN, Carleton Elliott, SIMMONS, Frank Leroy, SIMMONS, Tceollyar, SIMON, Walter Hamilton, SIMPSON, Albert Eugene, SKAGGS, Eugene Mitchell, SKEEN, Harvey Leroy, SKILES, Charley Jackson Jr., SKILES, Eugene, SKILES, Garold Leroy, SLAPIKAS, Edward Frank, SLETTO, Earl Clifton, SLIFER, Martin Rueben, SMALLEY, Jack G., SMART, George David, SMARTT, Joseph Gillespie, SMESTAD, Halge Hojem, SMITH, Albert Joseph, SMITH, Earl Jr., SMITH, Earl Walter, SMITH, Edward, SMITH, George J., SMITH, George Randolph, SMITH, Gerald Owen, SMITH, Gordon Ellsworth, SMITH, Harry, SMITH, Harry E., SMITH, John A., SMITH, John Edward, SMITH, Keith Vodden, SMITH, Leonard Ferdnay, SMITH, Lloyd George, SMITH, Luther Kent, SMITH, Mack Lawrence, SMITH, Marvin Ray, SMITH, Merle Andrew, SMITH, Orville Stanley, SMITH, Ralph Stanley, SMITH, Robert Daniel, SMITH, Roland Hampton, SMITH, Walter Tharnel, SNIFF, Jack Bertrand, SOENS, Harold Mathias, SOLAR, Adolfo, SOLLIE, Walter Henry, SOLOMON, James Cleve, SOMA, Richard Masaru, SOOTER, James Fredrick, SORENSEN, Holger Earl, SOUSLEY, Joseph B., SOUTH, Charles Braxton, SOUTH, Elmer W., SPAETH, Johnnie Herbert, SPANGLER, Maurice Verdon, SPARKS, John B., SPEAR, Herman Alder, SPEICHER, Ernest Edward, SPENCE, Merle Joe, SPENCER, Delbert James, SPERLING, Joseph, SPOTZ, Maurice Edwin, SPREEMAN, Robert Lawrence, SPRINGER, Charles Harold, ST GERMAIN, Maurice J., STACEY, Morris E., STAFFORD, Gordon William, STALLINGS, Kermit Braxton, STAPLER, Leo, STAPLES, Merton Iran, STAPLETON, Kirby Roy, STARKOVICH, Charles, STARKOVICH, Joseph Jr., STATON, Paul L., STAUDT, Alfred Parker, STEELY, Ulis Claude, STEFFAN, Joseph Philip, STEIGLEDER, Lester Leroy, STEIN, Walter Claude, STEINER, Samuel Cyrus, STEINHOFF, Lloyd Delroy, STEMBROSKY, George Joseph, STEPHENS, Woodrow Wilson, STEPHENSON, Hugh Donald, STERLING, Gordon H. Jr., STERLING, Otis Delaney, STERNS, Charles M. Jr., STEVENS, Jack Hazelip, STEVENS, Theodore R., STEVENSON, Frank Jake, STEWART, Everett R., STEWART, Floyd D, STEWART, Thomas Lester, STIEF, Frank William Jr., STILLINGS, Gerald Fay, STOCKDALE, Louis S., STOCKMAN, Harold William, STOCKTON, Louis Alton, STOCKWELL, Carey K., STODDARD, William Edison, STOPYRA, Julian John, STORM, Laun Lee, STOTT, Donald Alfred, STOUT, Robert Thomas, STOUTEN, James, STOVALL, Richard Patt, STRANGE, Francisco, TAFOYA, Antonio S., TAKEFUJI (aka Koba), James Takao, TALBERT, Edward Everette, TAMBOLLEO, Victor Charles, TANNER, Rangner F. Jr., TANNER, Russell Allen, TAPIE, EDward Casamiro, TAPP, Lambert Ray, TARG, John, TAYLOR, Aaron Gust, TAYLOR, Charles Benton, TAYLOR, Charles Robert, TAYLOR, Harry Theodore, TAYLOR, Palmer Lee, TAYLOR, Robert Denzil, TEELING, Charles Madison, TEER, Allen Ray, TEMPLE, Monroe, TEMPLES, Houston, TENNELL, Raymond Clifford, TENNISON, Anderson G., TERHUNE, Benjamin C., TERRELL, John Raymond, THEILLER, Rudolph, THINNES, Arthur Ray, THOMAS, Houston O’Neal, THOMAS, Randall James, THOMAS, Stanley Horace, THOMAS, Vincent Duron, THOMPSON, Charles Leroy, THOMPSON, Charles William, THOMPSON, Clarence, THOMPSON, George Allen, THOMPSON, Irven Edgar, THOMPSON, Irvin A. R., THOMPSON, Ralph William, THOMPSON, Robert Gary, THOMPSON, William Manley, THOMSON, Richard Joseph, THORMAN, John Christopher, THORNTON, Cecil Howard, THORNTON, George Hayward, THROMBLEY, Robert Leroy, THUMAN, John Henry, THUNHORST, Lee Vernon, TIBBETS, Hermann K. Jr., TIBBS, Ernie Ewart, TIDBALL, David Franklin, TIMM, Lloyd Rudolph, TIMMERMAN, William Frederick, TINDALL, Lewis Frank, TINER, Robert Reaves, TINI, Dante Sylvester, TIPSWORD, Keith Warren, TIPTON, Henry Glenn, TISDALE, William Esley, TITTERINGTON, Everett Cecil, TOBIN, Patrick Phillip, TODD, Neal Kenneth, TOKUSATO, Yoshio, TOMICH, Peter, TOPALIAN, James N., TORTI, Natale Ignatius, TRANBARGER, Orval Austin, TRAPP, Harold Frank, TRAPP, William Herman, TREADWAY, Shelby, TREANOR, Frank P., TRIPLETT, Thomas Edgar, TROVATO, Tom, TRUJILLO, Richard Ignacio, TUCKER, Raymond Edward, TUCKER, William David, TUCKERMAN, George William, TUMLINSON, Victor Pat, TUNTLAND, Earl Eugene, TURK, Pete, TURNER, Billy, TURNER, William George, TURNIPSEED, John Morgan, TUSHLA, Louis James, TUSSEY, Lloyd Harold, TUTTLE, Ralph E., TYCE, Robert H., TYSON, Robert, UFFORD, Russell Orville, UHLIG, Edward Bruno, UHLMANN, Robert W., UHRENHOLDT, Andrew Curtis, ULRICH, Elmer Herbert, ULRICH, George Vernon, URBAN, John Joseph, UYENO, Hisao, VALENTE, Richard Dominic, VALLEY, Lowell Earl, VAN ATTA, Garland Wade, VAN HORN, James Randolf, VAN VALKENBURGH, Franklin, VANDER GOORE, Albert Peter, VANDERELLI, Martin, VANDERPOOL, Payton L. Jr., VARCHOL, Brinley, VASSAR, Benjamin Frank, VAUGHAN, William Frank, VEEDER, Gordon Elliott, VELIA, Galen Steve, VENABLE, Hoge Cralle Jr., VERNICK, Edward Frank, VIDOLOFF, Russell P., VIEIRA, Alvaro Everett, VILLA, Michael William, VINCENT, Jesse Charles Jr., VINING, George Eugene, VINSON, James, VOGELGESANG, Joseph Jr., VOGT, John H. L. Jr., VOJTA, Walter Arnold, VOSTI, Anthony August, WADE, Durrell, WADE, George Hollive Jr., WAGNER, Mearl James, WAGNER, Thomas George, WAGONER, Lewis Lowell, WAINWRIGHT, Silas Alonzo, WAIT, Wayland Lemoyne, WALCZYNSKI, Andrew A., WALKER, Bill, WALKER, David, WALKER, Ernest M. Jr., WALKER, Harry Earnest, WALKER, Lumus E., WALKOWIAK, Robert N., WALLACE, Houston Oliver, WALLACE, James Frank, WALLACE, Ralph Leroy, WALLEN, Earl Delbert, WALLENSTIEN, Richard Henry, WALPOLE, Eugene Anderson, WALTERS, Bethel Elbert, WALTERS, Charles Edward, WALTERS, Clarence Arthur, WALTERS, William Spurgeon Jr., WALTHER, Edward Alfred, WALTON, Alva Dowding, WALTON, Ivan Irwin, WARD, Albert Lewis, WARD, James Richard, WARD, William E., WARDIGO, Walter H., WASIELEWSKI, Edward, WATKINS, Lenvil Leo, WATSON, Claude Bridger Jr., WATSON, Raphael August, WATSON, Richard Leon, WATSON, William Lafayette, WATTS, Sherman Maurice, WATTS, Victor Ed, WEAVER, Luther Dayton, WEAVER, Richard Walter, WEBB, Carl Edward, WEBB, James Cecil, WEBSTER, Harold Dwayne, WEEDEN, Carl Alfred, WEGRZYN, Felix S., WEIDELL, William Peter, WEIER, Bernard Arthur, WELCH, William Edward, WELLER, Ludwig Fredrick, WELLS, Alfred Floyd, WELLS, Floyd Arthur, WELLS, Harvey Anthony, WELLS, Raymond Virgil Jr., WELLS, William Bennett, WEST, Broadus Franklin, WEST, Ernest Ray, WEST, Webster Paul, WESTBROOK, James Ross, WESTBROOK, Robert H. Jr., WESTCOTT, William Percy Jr., WESTERFIELD, Ivan Ayers, WESTIN, Donald Vern, W Joseph, WIEGAND, Lloyd Paul, WILBUR, Harold, WILCOX, Arnold Alfred, WILCOX, George James Jr., WILL, Joseph William, WILLETTE, Laddie James, WILLIAMS, Adrian Delton, WILLIAMS, Albert Luther, WILLIAMS, Clyde, WILLIAMS, Clyde Richard, WILLIAMS, George Washington, WILLIAMS, Jack Herman, WILLIAMS, James Clifford, WILLIAMS, Laurence A, WILLIAMS, Wilbur Slade, WILLIAMSON, Randolph Jr., WILLIAMSON, William Dean, WILLIS, Robert Kenneth Jr., WILLIS, Walter M., WILSON, Bernard Martin, WILSON, Clyde Richard, WILSON, Comer A., WILSON, Eunice, WILSON, Hurschel Woodrow, WILSON, John James, WILSON, Milton Sloss, WILSON, Neil Mataweny, WILSON, Ray Milo, WIMBERLY, Paul Edwin, WIMMER, Bernard Ramon, WINDISH, Robert James, WINDLE, Everett Gordon, WINDLE, Robert England, WINFIELD, Starring B., WINTER, Edward, WISE, Clarence Alvin, WISE, Rex Elwood, WITTENBERG, Russell Duane, WODARSKI, Steven Joseph, WOHL, Oswald Carl, WOJTKIEWICZ, Frank Peter, WOLF, George Alexanderson Jr., WOOD, Earl A., WOOD, Frank, WOOD, Harold Baker, WOOD, Horace Van, WOOD, Roy Eugene, WOODS, Lawrence Eldon, WOODS, Vernon Wesley, WOODS, William Anthony, WOODS, Winfred Oral, WOODWARD, Ardenne Allen, WOODWORTH, Lawton Jay, WOODY, Harlan Fred, WOOLF, Norman Bragg, WORKMAN, Creighton Hale, WORTHAM, John Layman, WRIGHT, Edward Henry, WRIGHT, Paul Raymond, WRIGHT, Thomas Monroe, WYCKOFF, Robert Leroy, WYDILA, John Charles, WYMAN, Eldon P., YATES, Elmer Elias, YEATS, Charles Jr., YOMINE, Frank Peter, YOUNG, Eric Reed, YOUNG, Glendale Rex, YOUNG, Jay Wesley, YOUNG, Martin Daymond, YOUNG, Robert Verdun, YOUNG, Virgil Jarrett, YOUNG, Vivan Louis, YUGOVICH, Michael Charles, YURKO, Joseph John, ZACEK, Laddie John, ZACEK, Laddie John, ZACZKIEWICZ, Marion Herbert, ZAPPALA, Joseph S., ZEILER, John Virgel, ZIEMBRICKE, Steve A., ZIMMERMAN, Fred, ZIMMERMAN, Lloyd McDonald, ZISKIND, Samuel J., ZOBECK, Lester Frank, ZUCKOFF, Walter D., ZUSCHLAG, Walter J., ZVANSKY, Thomas, ZWARUN, Jr. Michael.