Oh, What A Day…

Today started like many others, and ended like many others. Focused on God.

Our morning was slow and uneventful, but as the afternoon progressed things began to get a bit stressful.

I spent the morning and early afternoon reading and meditating, it was awesome. Then someone called me about our faith sharing group at 2:45, and I told them we were meeting at 3:30, when in fact it was supposed to be 3:00. They called back 10 minutes later to remind me and we were all out the door (thank goodness it only takes one minute to get to the church).

When we arrived, we started the class immediately. That’s when the stress began. Seconds later, my wife came running in to tell us the fire extinguisher sprinklers had gone off in the kitchen at the church. If you didn’t know, tonight was the night for the big St. Patrick’s Dinner. To make things worse, there was no water pressure from the well this afternoon because people had been cleaning at the church all day. All of the cabbage and potatoes were ruined because of the fire extinguisher and we had no water to clean up the mess. The time was 3:07.

As the faith sharing class progressed, two of us made a trip to the local grocery store (GO INGLES!) to pick up 100 pounds of cabbage, 30 gallons of water, and seven bags of potatoes. When we returned to the kitchen, the ladies group (along with several people from our faith sharing group) had cleaned the kitchen so we could all work together to bring the dinner together again. Thank goodness the meat was unaffected by the catastrophe.

Everyone worked hard to make the dinner happen. From the ladies cleaning up the fire extinguisher residue to the quick thinkers who fired up the propane burners and charcoal grill outside so we could cook, we weren’t going to let the evil one ruin our St. Patrick’s Dinner.

As cabbage and potatoes were cooking outside, everyone inside was helping to put the final touches on the event. Parishioners walked into the parish hall to eat tonight and most of them had no idea what had happened just three hours earlier.

It was a long, tough day, but it was an awesome day. When all was said and done, those of us who had worked throughout the afternoon finally sat down to eat our plate of Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes. The time was 7:03.

While Mother Mary kicked the evil one’s butt, we all worked together to make the evening great for everyone who attended. When disaster struck, we all stood together, worked together, and stayed focused on God.

What a great day.