Go Figure

Today was supposed to be a busy day. I had several things planned, but I ended up having half the day “free”.

A friend was going to stop by so I could get Skype installed for her, but she had to reschedule.

A client had requested a conference call, which they were supposed to set up. When the time came for the conference call, I called the number, entered the PIN, and I was informed the call had not been setup yet, then the recording asked if I wanted to initiate the conference.

As part of my profession I have participated in hundreds of conference calls, I have set them up in the past. Usually when someone calls in, if the organizer has not yet arrived, you state yuor name and then you are given the blessing of wonderful Musak. Not this time. It kept prompting me to initiate a new conference call. So I hung up.

When I called back, the system told me there was no conference call scheduled with that PIN number and it hung up on me.

A few minutes later I called back, only to get the first response again, so I hung up again. Time is money and I didn’t have the time to sit and wait and figure out if the conference call was going to “work”, so I went back to work on another on-going project.

I figured the client would call me when they worked things out. I never heard from them today. Go figure.

So, how was your Monday?