American White Pelican

One the birds the boys have been wanting to see, since we began birding, was the American White Pelican. I had seen them before, many years ago, and we’ve seen lots of Brown Pelicans down on the coast, but the boys never got the chance to see one, until today.

Yesterday someone reported seeing one at Carter’s Lake, so we put some gas in the truck and went to see if we could see it. We’ve had a bit of a curse with Carter’s Lake. It seems no matter what type of bird people would see there, it would be long gone before we arrived to look for it. Again, until today.


It’s not the best photo. It was made with my iPhone, using my scope lens. But you can tell it’s a Pelican, and the boys got to look at it through the scope and with binoculars, so all is well in the world now.