Saint Of The Day

Today was the feast day of Saint John Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Society.

John Bosco, was an Italian Catholic priest, educator and writer of the 19th century, who put into practice the convictions of his religion, dedicating his life to the betterment and education of street children, juvenile delinquents, and other disadvantaged youth and employing teaching methods based on love rather than punishment, a method that is known as the preventive system. A follower of the spirituality and philosophy of Francis de Sales, Bosco dedicated his works to him when he founded the Society of St. Francis de Sales (more commonly known as the Salesian Society or the Salesians of Don Bosco).

John Bosco opened a home for troubled boys and taught them different trades so they could get jobs. An attitude of love, rather than harsh discipline, as well as prayer and religious instruction helped the boys want to lead good lives. John Bosco is the patron Saint of boys, educators, and youth.