A Passionate And Inspiring Evening

Last night, being Thursday, meant it was time for RCIA. I always look forward to our RCIA classes, and last night was no exception. In fact, last night was probably the most awesome night thus far in the program.

Father Rafael spoke to us for an hour and a half about the Sacrament of Holy Orders. He spoke with such passion and devotion I think we were all riveted to our chairs.

Fire In The Sky


I know a couple people, myself included, who walked away last night with a whole new perspective on those who are called by God to serve in the Church. He brought such insight to the celebration of the Eucharist and daily life, that I will never attend another Mass as I have in the past.

Inspiring and enlightening are complete understatements when trying to describe the class last night. I want to sit here and reflect on everything discussed, but I have to be up early tomorrow for a class in Marietta.