Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my mom’s birthday.

I knew we were going to celebrate her special day, but I wasn’t quite sure what “special” touch I would add until this morning.

My mom lived most of her life in Las Vegas, and she used to love going out to eat at Macayo’s. We have a couple really good Mexican restaurants in our area, they have delicious food and great atmosphere, but they just aren’t the same as Macayo’s.

I put my list together and after Mass this morning, I ventured up to Ingles (my grocery store of choice) and purchased all the items needed to make tonight a “Macayo Night” for my mom. It would have been better if I had thought of this idea in time to actually order some Macayo products to use in the preparation, but heck, I’m lucky I even thought of this idea in the first place.

Our youngest son helped prep all of the food with me, which was awesome. It warms my heart to know that when he gets older he’ll actually be able to cook for himself, and he’s only 9!

As soon as we entered the kitchen we started playing Mexican Restaurant Music on my iPhone (using some speakers). I wanted the right atmosphere, so I searched for “mexican restaurant music” on iTunes and sure enough they actually had an album by that name!!!

As soon as we had the appetizers and drinks ready, we called everyone into the kitchen. When they walked in, it sounded like Macayo’s, it smelled like Macayo’s, and the food on the table looked and tasted like Macayo’s!

We started her night off with some delicious chips and salsa. The chips were warm and the salsa smooth and delicious. The salsa was in no way “exact”, I don’t think anyone can mimic Macayo’s delicious salsa, but it was real close.

We all enjoyed a few slices of TCT (toasted cheese tortilla for you non-Macayo folk) with meat, tomatoes, and olives. The TCT’s weren’t as big as Macayo’s because I couldn’t find tortilla’s large enough and I didn’t feel like making some at the last minute. They were quite tasty though!

Everyone washed down their appetizers with some delicious Shirley Temple’s. Yes, complete with a maraschino cherry (or two) in each glass.

Dinner itself was not a “Macayo Moment” per say, because it consisted of my homemade tacos, which are much better than Macayo’s. Don’t take my word for it, everyone in the family thinks so. Maybe Macayo would swap their salsa recipe for my taco recipe? Hmmm.

Mom really enjoyed the dinner, and she was surprised by her birthday cake which was a “sampler” of sorts with four different styles of cake. Yellow cake with chocolate icing, Red Velvet cake, German Chocolate, and a yellow cake with coconut frosting. They were all delicious!

As the festivities came to an end, I heard my wife say, “I wish it was your mom’s birthday everyday.” Do you know how old my mom would be if that happened?

Happy Birthday, Mom!