Hiking The Frozen Tundra

When we woke up this morning things weren’t much different than they were yesterday morning. The early morning light seemed brighter than normal again, and sure enough all of that snow that fell on Sunday night was still there. And so was the ice!

The slight layer of ice that existed yesterday had been increased almost an entire inch and everything, and I mean everything, was frozen solid.

As usual during a winter weather event like this one, the media was on fire with news of all the road, school, and other closures. Because we really couldn’t play in the snow because of the layer of ice, we decided to walk down to the church to see how bad the road really was.


The road was slushy in many areas, and frozen solid in others.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help


The parking lot at the church was a solid sheet of ice, and it was difficult to walk on the sides of the road too because the snow itself was so slick (and frozen solid too).

Trapped Leaf


We walked around the church for a while, wondering when the roads would actually thaw enough to drive on them. Roadways, bridges, and sidewalks are frozen solid, making travel by any means difficult in any circumstance.



The walk back home was a bit slower than the trip to the church, because parts of it were uphill, and we all know that walking uphill on ice can be difficult to say the least.