People Are Going To Go Stir Crazy

We woke up to a frozen desolate wasteland winter wonderland this morning. It was pristine and silent out there.



I had to get the dogs outside as soon as possible, and they were not too happy about the quarter of an inch of ice on top of the snow. As they walked on the snow, they would not sink immediately because of the ice.



To say they were unnerved is an understatement. Chuck and Stitches always run to the trees in the back of the yard and Stitches never left my side. Chuck made it out there, but came back much quicker than usual because he didn’t like the crunchy ground.

As I predicted last night, the birds have been all over the feeders today. They fly down, get some food, then perch in the bushes next to the house waiting for their next bite.



The snow on the rail is a little misleading because it’s covered with that ice, and every bird that landed on it, went sliding off the other side.



The local media is saying we’re going to get more ice tonight, a little snow tomorrow, nothing on Wednesday, and more snow on Thursday. We’ve only seen five vehicles try to make it up or down the road, so I’m sure most of the roads are still impassable.

The temperature will not rise above freezing before Thursday, so this week should be quite interesting, especially as people get stir crazy and try to drive on solid ice.