Adverse Conditions

It finally happened. The head cold the kids have been battling for the past several weeks has finally made an attempt to move into my own head. I will not have this.

We ventured over to the north-east end of the state today to see a Red-Necked Grebe that was spotted at Elijah Clark State Park (on the Georgia/South Carolina border). It was a nice drive and we had a great time.

We spotted the bird almost immediately and got some great looks through the scope and with binoculars. My photos came out horrible, probably because the bird was so far offshore.

Here is a video from Mark McShane, who actually knows how to use his iPhone with his scope.


As we ventured back home I could feel the head cold taking over my voice and sure enough, as I type this tonight my voice is almost gone.

We’re supposed to have another “snow and ice” event on Sunday. The local news is saying up to 4 inches of snow then a quarter inch of ice afterwards. I have a package scheduled to be delivered on Monday, how much do you want to bet I get a “due to adverse weather conditions” notice from UPS again this time?

That’s it for tonight. I am heading to bed so I can get the upper hand on this cold.