Security, Sensibility, & Singers

Thought #1

This makes no sense.

The Iraqi government is building concrete walls around churches in Baghdad and Mosul to provide security for worshippers.

When terrorists attacked Our Lady Of Deliverance Catholic Church in Baghdad on November 1st they stormed into the church on foot. I don’t think concrete walls will stop foot traffic. If so, how will anyone get inside the church to worship?

While the appearance of the wall will make worshippers feel more secure, it will be a false sense of security when the next terrorist walks through the front door.

Thought #2

The “tax cut” deal is going to cost us approximately $857 billion dollars. What deals were cut to get this on the table?

Check this out:

Business, Investment and Other Tax Extensions: $77.2 Billion

– Depreciation and other business incentives, through 2012: $22 Billion
– Research and experimentation tax credit, through 2011: $13.3 Billion
– State and local sales tax deduction, through 2011: $5.5 Billion
– Ethanol tax credit extension, through 2011: $4.8 Billion
– Restaurant and retail tax credit for capital improvement, through 2011: $3.6 Billion
– Biodiesel and renewable diesel tax credit, through 2011: $2 Billion
– Tuition tax deduction, through 2011: $1.2 Billion
– Railroad track maintenance tax credit, through 2011: $330 Million
– Rum excise tax change, to increase the tax floor on rum from Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands:
$262 Million
– Washington DC investment tax credit, through 2011: $138 Million
– NASCAR and other race tracks, credit for capital improvement. Through 2011: $36 Million
– Mine rescue team training credit, extend through 2011: $5 Million

Wow. And that’s just part of it. Check out Jamie Dupree’s blog for all the details.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Thought #3