Setting Things Straight

I had an interesting time at the RCIA class tonight.

Without going into too much detail, someone said something that just didn’t make any sense.

I thought of speaking to our priest about it, but before I could give it much thought some interesting things transpired.

The person in question called to set things straight, in other words, to apologize for what they said.

I prayed for wisdom in dealing with the situation and today’s homily was all about wisdom and how society (and some people) try to twist our beliefs.

I know where I stand spiritually, so this won’t be too difficult. I’m sure the person thought I was going run straight to the priest, but that won’t be happening.

He already knows what’s going on, and I don’t have to say a word.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but I needed to type it out so I could reflect on it later. Maybe one day I will explain. Maybe not.

One thought on “Setting Things Straight

  1. Having written out thoughts that made absolutely no sense at the time, but were there to reflect on later is something I’ve often done. I’d put them all in a book, but it would have no plot, no cast of characters, no storyline and not much philosophizing. 🙂

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