Has Harry Reid Even Read The U.S. Constitution?

In a classic Harry Reid moment, the U.S. Senate voted on the “food safety” bill (also known as the United States Anti-Farming Bill).

The vote was 73-25 in favor of restricting your right to purchase food from local vendors, restricting your right to choose where your food comes from, and ultimately restricting your right to even grow your own food.

Although it looked bad when this passed the Senate, it turns out things may not be as bad as we thought. It turns out Harry Reid screwed up again.

A food safety bill that has burned up precious days of the Senate’s lame-duck session appears headed back to the chamber because Democrats violated a constitutional provision requiring that tax provisions originate in the House.

Yup. Scary Harry pulled a fast one and tried to push through a bill which is unconstitutional… again.

Section 107 of the bill includes a set of fees that are classified as revenue raisers, which are technically taxes under the Constitution. According to a House GOP leadership aide, that section has ruffled the feathers of Ways and Means Committee Democrats, who are expected to use the blue slip process to block completion of the bill.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Nothing Nanny State Nancy Pelosi or Scary Harry Reid have done (in more than four years) has led me to believe they will do the right thing.