When FREE Means $85.95

I received an email yesterday that told me I could order a NASCAR BEANIE BABY for FREE! It sounded too good to be true, but who doesn’t love FREE? I couldn’t resist. Well, yes I could. Let me show you why.


Although the e-mail ad (shown above, click to enlarge) said the NASCAR BEANIE BABY was FREE, the word FREE was nowhere to be found on the website. The NASCAR BEANIE BABY was now going to cost $1.95 for shipping and handling.


That’s just not right. The e-mail stated that the NASCAR BEANIE BABY was supposed to be FREE, but the website was states that it actually costs $1.95. Again, the word FREE was nowhere to be found. At the bottom of this page, I noticed the little disclaimer about the NASCAR BEANIE BABY.

“NASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. NASCAR, Inc. is not a sponsor of this promotion. This promotion is not affiliated with nor endorsed by any NASCAR driver. All product images are subject to change without notice.”

Say what? The product images are subject to change without notice? Well, heck. The price of the item changed without notice (in the click of the mouse) so why should anyone expect to receive the actual NASCAR BEANIE BABY they choose at the time of ordering?

At this point, I almost closed the browser, but I was interested in what might appear on the next page. So, knowing the NASCAR BEANIE BABY was going to cost $1.95 and could change without notice, I filled out the form and clicked the “Confirm Your Order” button.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Although I knew it before I clicked the original link in the e-mail, the next page out everything into perspective.


Check out section three. It seems, once you pay $1.95 for the NASCAR BEANIE BABY, you get a BONUS GIFT. How awesome is that? $1.95 not only gets you the NASCAR BEANIE BABY, but you get a BONUS GIFT as well!

So what is the bonus gift? A Risk Free 30 days in the Official NASCAR Members Club! Do you have that tingly feeling yet? You get 30 days FREE membership in the “Official NASCAR Members Club”. Okay, now wake up! Dream time is over. Snap out of it!

Once you give them your credit card information, they bill you $1.95 for the FREE NASCAR BEANIE BABY and thirty days later they bill you $84 for the annual membership fee in the Official NASCAR Members Club.

At the end of 30 days, your Official NASCAR Members Club benefits will automatically continue for $84 and will renew each year at the same annual rate. We will bill or deduct the annual membership fee to the credit card or debit card you registered. The benefits of the Official NASCAR Members Club may be enhanced or modified at any time without prior notice. If you are not completely satisfied at any time, simply call the Official NASCAR Members Club at 1-877-696-2722 to let us know you wish to cancel your membership benefits. If you cancel at any time within your 30-day review, you will not be billed. If you cancel at any time within 30-days after you have been billed, you will be able to receive a full refund. No refunds will be available after 30 days of being billed

It doesn’t stop there. If, by chance, you’re fool enough to place the order, you also opt-in to receiving their DAILY email newsletter containing each day’s NASCAR’s headlines!

So, let’s review.

That FREE NASCAR BEANIE BABY, along with the ensuing membership in the Official NASCAR Members Club, just cost you $85.95 and you’re going to be reminded of your mistake every day via e-mail “for the majority of the calendar year”.

Read the fine print people. Nothing is free. I knew that. You knew that. Get over it.