Not Everything Is Related Is It?

I don’t see how this is legal

Two men convicted of shooting a Southern California sheriff’s deputy in 1980 have been charged with his murder following his death this year of related injuries.

The Orange County district attorney’s office said Friday that 54-year old David Knick of Yucca Valley and 55-year old Robert Strong of Riverside each have been charged with one count of murder and are being held on $1 million bail.

Prosecutors say the two men served prison time for attempted murder for shooting Deputy Ira Essoe after he approached them in a mall in Orange.

Essoe was paralyzed and eventually had his legs amputated. He died in February of sepsis, which prosecutors say was related to injuries from the 1980 shooting.

How can you prove, without a doubt, that death from sepsis (as a result of amputation) was caused directly (and solely) by the shooting?

The shooting occurred 30 years ago. That’s a long time, with a lot of other factors at play. Just saying.