Earmarks For Me, But Not For Thee

The results of the mid-term election were pretty definitive. People are fed up with the status quo and we need real change to save our great country. As a result of the vote, Republicans in Washington D.C are vowing to put an end to earmarks (aka reckless spending) in legislation.

Georgia’s very own (just re-elected) Senator, Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has stated he will support the moratorium on earmarks. Well, unless the earmarks are for funding projects within the state of Georgia.

I supported a temporary, two-year moratorium on congressional earmarks today because I agree we should not be funding projects that are frivolous or non-essential functions of the federal government.

“The oath I swore to uphold when I was elected by the people of Georgia was to the U.S. Constitution, which directs the Congress to appropriate federal tax dollars. I will never abandon my oath, and I will continue to fight for funding for projects such as the expansion of the Savannah port that is critical to my state and to U.S. trade, the settlement of the tri-state water compact involving Georgia, funding for our troops and the best interests of the people in the state of Georgia.

“I also will push for Congress to address the biggest concerns of my Georgia constituents – skyrocketing federal spending and debt. I will continue to push my proposal for Congress to switch to biennial budgeting so that we can give federal spending the scrutiny and oversight that has been sorely lacking. In addition, I supported several other proposals today to reduce discretionary spending, balance the budget, freeze federal hiring, stop unfunded mandates to the states and impose a moratorium on new entitlement spending.”

This is what happens when we elect people who speak out of both sides of their mouths and don’t know the difference between truth and fiction.

Thanks Johnny, it took you just two weeks to re-affirm one of the many reasons I didn’t vote for you this time around. The good news is, we’re on to you. The bad news is we’re stuck with you for six more years.