Another Day, Another Failure

The Failed One® traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia today, and once again, he failed.

While standing in Jakarta, President Barack Obama denounced Israel for building apartments for her growing population in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. He voiced his opposition to the government of Israel, which like ours, is elected by the people. He made these statements to show his displeasure with the Israeli state.

He proved once again that he is the most anti-Israel President in U.S. History.

Indonesia is one of the, if not the, largest Muslim country in the world and Israeli’s are not allowed to enter the country. Could he have picked a more symbolic location to take his stance?

In going to Jakarta, Indonesia, to launch his latest attack, he literally went to the ends of the earth to give voice to his displeasure. He emphasized his opposition to the policies of the elected government of Israel.

He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population. Where? In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious.

He was in Indonesia less than 24 hours. If he had to make such a one-sided and unfair pronouncement, couldn’t he at least have waited until he got to South Korea? Touting Indonesia’s great tolerance is offensive. We love everyone here in Indonesia, except the Israelis, of course, and except Catholic school girls who get beheaded on their way to school.

Disgusting. He finally proves he is good at something, and it ends up being hate.