We Almost Made It

Today was election day. It looks like we’ve succeeded in removing Nanny State Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Republicans have gained control of the House, with a 60+ seat gain. While that sounds like good news to some people, I am still wary. The Republicans have been in control before, and they’ve screwed up before. One thing for sure, is that we had to get Pelosi out of the position of Speaker of the House, and we succeeded.

The people of Nevada have seriously let the rest of the country down. It was pretty obvious that the Republicans would not take control of the Senate, but the people of Nevada could have replaced Scary Harry Reid to help true change come to our country.

I heard many arguments that people didn’t trust Sharron Angle. But they trust Harry Reid? Seriously? Harry Reid is as corrupt as they come, and anyone, and I mean anyone, would have been better to represent the people of Nevada than Harry Reid.

Now, we can only pray that those who have been newly elected will discern the correct course for our country and move us in the right direction once again.