Vote Responsibly

During the next few days, leading up to Tuesday, you are going to hear a lot of things from a lot of people about a lot of candidates. No matter what they say, or what you hear, make sure you do one thing on election day.

Vote your conscience.

Too many times people think they have no choice but to vote for the lesser of two evils when they could, in fact, vote for the best candidate, if they just take the time to review each candidates record and then make an informed decision.

To function properly, conscience requires formation and information. Conscience is not just a “gut feeling.” Formation of conscience involves the following for all people:

  1. understanding basic norms that distinguish right from wrong
  2. having sufficient factual knowledge of the issues at hand
  3. prudently and deliberately considering our actions
  4. recognizing that a good end never justifies morally unacceptable means

Take a few moments this weekend to research the candidates on your ballot and don’t just show up to vote because you have to, show up to vote so you can make a difference.