This Sounds Familiar

A friend on Facebook sent me the link to this story the other day.

Oops We Lost Your Docs So You’re Going To Foreclosure

The headline alone tells the whole story. Heck, it tells my story. Other than the location and the name of the mortgage company, this is pretty much exactly what we just went through.

She did some research into my account and discovered that the person who was assigned to handle my closing had discovered on October 5th that she/he could not find my signed and notarized documents and that my loan has been marked as me not paying as agreed on and that was why I started receiving these letters.

The only difference with my experience is that the mortgage never contacted me. Other than the two letters, on August 8 and 12, informing me they were calling the note and/or wanted everything but my first born child to make things right, I haven’t heard a word from my mortgage company. Nothing. Nada.

I’ve heard so-called “experts” talking about the foreclosure crisis on the news. Many of them say that no one who is making payments is losing their home. That is a bold-faced lie. Whether or not someone was making payments on their mortgage, if they were in a refinance or modification when the foreclosure crap hit the fan, they got screwed. Period.