It’s Time To Boogie!

Our middle son has been wanting a puppy for a while. His brothers have their own dog or cat, and he wanted a little buddy to take care of, so we decided to start watching the animal shelter and local rescue groups.

That’s how we found Boogie, a Shitzu/Poodle mix.


We took a drive up to Chattanooga, Tennessee today to meet Boogie. He had a pretty hard life, like most rescues, but we felt it was worth the drive to see if he wanted to make our home his forever home.

We arrived late, but we still got there before Boogie. His rescuer had a lot of dogs to transport today, and we were willing to wait. When Boogie arrived he met our son first, so we could see if they bonded, and sure enough, within moments he was sitting in our son’s lap making sure he (our son) was taken.

He travelled well in the truck on the way home, sleeping part of the trip and when we got home he had the luxury of meeting the other dogs. Funny thing, he’s not too interested in them, he does however, have a fetish for the cat and the cat is none to pleased with him.

He’s housebroken (for the most part), although he seems to be attempting to mark his territory, and he doesn’t leave our son’s side if he doesn’t have to.

It’s going to be an interesting few days while all the animals, and humans, adjust, but it should all work out just fine. I just hope I still have my sanity when all is said and done.

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