Two Good Ol’ Boys & One Reason To Vote

As I sit here working each day, I receive e-mail after e-mail from Nathan Deal, Roy Barnes, and every Democrat and Republican under the sun telling me why I should not vote for the other guy. Not one of these e-mails give me any reason under the sun to actually vote for them.

Barnes is busy telling me why he thinks Nathan Deal is corrupt and Deal is busy trying to convince me that Barnes does not deserve another chance.

Well, they are both correct, and I won’t vote for either of them.

I personally think Nathan Deal plays “good ol’ boy” politics and the only reason he stepped down from Congress was to avoid the ethics investigation, rather than to focus on his run for Governor.

Roy Barnes does not deserve another chance. The people of Georgia took a stupid pill and elected him once, I hope they don’t take another dose of stupid and give him the keys to the mansion again.

There is one candidate who stands above these two clowns, and that man is John Monds. If you watch any of the debates you quickly see who the effective candidate is. Monds does not spend his time spewing vitriol about his fellow candidates. Monds actually stands up and tells you what he will do to help the state. Why would you vote for two idiots who have already been placed into positions of trust only to disappoint the people of our state, when you could vote for someone who actually stands for smaller government, lower taxes, and more opportunity?

No matter where you live, you should educate yourself before you head to the polls, and if you live in Georgia, do your research on Deal, Barnes, and Monds. You will, however, need a shovel, and some air freshener. Once you get past the muck and the other crap surrounding the first two, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Monds and his stand on the issues.

I’ll be casting my vote on Friday, and my first choice will be John Monds for Governor.

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