Is Campbell’s Pandering To Muslims For The Money?

After my post on October 13th titled, “Mmm. Mmm. No. Not So Good“, where I pointed out that Campbell’s Soup uses no other religious “dietary” designation on their labeling, I was contacted by Amanda Heisey from

Hey Michael,

I just read your blog post about Campbell’s soup going Halal. I really appreciate how you went on Campbell’s website and actually looked at the different headings and categories for their soups. All I can say to your question about why Campbell’s is catering to Muslims is for the money. It’s a demographic not many North American brands are covering and they’ll become a lot more popular with Muslims and groups that feel strongly about diversity and equality. In a way, if you think about it, it’s not a bad marketing ploy. Here’s a video I think you might find interesting that covers this story from a few different angles.

I hope you’ll check out the link and consider embedding or linking this video on your blog. It’s informational and may help inform others about what’s happening with the boycotting and what sparked this controversy in an easy format. Newsy covers a wide variety of topics. It offers multiple sources and views on an issue in a short video clip. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

Amanda Heisey
[e-mail address removed because you don’t need to spam her]

When I wrote about this whole “Halal” labeling issue, I did so because I thought it was odd that Campbell’s Soup would cater to one specific religious group, and that’s it.

I did mention the connection with ISNA, which the Campbell’s Soup website itself refers too, and is the focus for many who are boycotting the company. While that aspect does concern me, it was not the focus of my post, nor the intended subject matter.

This issue affects only the Canadian market (at this time) and I simply want to know why Campbell’s Soup is catering specifically to Muslims with their dietary labeling.

Amanda says the decision to cater specifically to Muslims is “for the money”, however, Muslims represent just 2% of the Canadian population (based on Canada’s 2001 census), which is just under 600,000 people.

Granted, the economy is sluggish and there are more Muslims living in Canada than Jews (approximately 350,000), but this just doesn’t seem like a good marketing plan, does it? If you’re going to market to 600,000 people, why not add a “Kosher” designation and reach an additional 350,000 while you’re at it?

Twenty percent of Canadian women (50% of pregnant women) and three percent of Canadian men are iron deficient. Wouldn’t it make more sense to market an iron-rich product to a larger demographic?

Seriously, if this is nothing but a marketing plan to reach a specific demographic, there are many more demographics out there which represent a much larger segment of Canadian society.

Honestly, I still don’t see adding the ‘Halal Certified’ designation as a significant financial “win” for Campbell’s Soup. In fact, I think Amanda’s theory doesn’t hold water, however, I did promise her that I would post the video from, so here it is.


In summary, I still want to know why they are specifically catering to Muslims.

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