The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

After three loads today, we’re more than halfway finished moving my mom’s “stuff”. The first load consisted of living room furniture. The second load was all storage items, and the last load was full of stuff from her kitchen and a few chests and such from her bedroom.

I know, you’re thrilled to read all this. We’ll definitely be done moving her by tomorrow, and then Sunday will truly be a day of rest.

I completely forgot about early voting, so I think we’ll go Monday or Tuesday, just to get it done and over with. I am so happy that I get to vote for “the best candidate” rather than the “lesser of two evils” in a couple of races. I’ll post my election “recommendations” early next week too. I will be so happy when this election cycle is over. Of course, once we move out of that tunnel we’ll be facing the next one (also known as 2012) very shortly.

Now I am off to rest my sore left shoulder. I sure wish I knew what I did to it.

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